Slapping You With Reality

On Saturday, Madball and Sick of it All played to a capacity crowd at the Reverb. I’m guessing that’s somewhere around 400 people. The openers were Death Before Dishonor and Wisdom in Chains.

I walked down to the show at around 715 and arrived to a half full room. Surprisingly, I recognized very few faces in the crowd. My guess is that Sick of it All just draws a different crowd.

Wisdom in Chains opened up and they were pretty entertaining. Got a pretty good reaction. Duguay and Jamie suggested I check them out in advance and I can dig the Class War LP. They have a very strange brand of tough guy-street punk-oi-NYHC happening. The LP can be a bit all over the place at times, but I’d say the live show really unifies the sound. Bit of a bummer to see their roadie unnecessarily abusing some kids at the ska show down at the Kathedral after the show.

Death Before Dishonor followed. Despite some friends trying to convince me that this band isn’t just a run-of-the-mill tough guy band, I cannot get into them at all. Every song sounds exactly like the last. I can understand why they are getting bigger though. They definitely appeal to the “metal” side of hardcore. But really, both their music and message seem pretty redundant to me. Good on them for getting out and playing as much as they do, but it’s just not my thing.

After that was the almighty MADBALL. These guys can never do wrong. A bit of a shorter set than I would’ve liked. It seemed like it flew by. I remember them playing Look My Way, Across Your Face, Get Out, For My Enemies, Pride, 100%, Infiltrate the System, HeavenHell and more I can’t remember. Great set, high mosh output, and surprisingly no fights. The crowd in the pit seemed a bit younger, and maybe that helped.

Sick of it All followed Madball. It’s pretty amazing that these guys have kept it together, without an extended hiatus for this long. Truth be told, I had never seen them before (poser, I know) and have never really gotten into much after Blood, Sweat, No Tears. That said, these guys went all out. When they played Injustice System, Duguay plowed me through the crowd and by the time we reached the pit, him and his jean jacket disappeared, beer in hand. Also, they did a Straight Ahead cover to boot. Damian plowed over about 20 people to get in there and sing along, but absent was the stage dive he had promised.

Afterwards, I stood out front flyering for the two shows coming up as Hoibak flyered for his Strife show. Two things surprised me as the place emptied out. One was peoples’ reluctance to take flyers, especially when wearing Warzone hoodies. Total bummer. The second thing was how many people were unbelievably excited about the return of Strife. It’s shaping up to be quite a summer.

I grabbed some roti at Albert’s after the show and Craig Ahead was in there picking up some food. I should’ve asked him if he had any copies of the Breakaway 12″ kicking around.

Considering none of my photos from the show turned out because I still don’t know how to shoot in the dark with my year old digital camera, here’s a photo of the pizza I ate during the Super Bowl.

The Greatest Food On Earth

Nothing better than the underdog beating the heavy favourite.

I’ll learn how to use the camera eventually.


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