We Have A German Drummer!

Last night, I walked in the terrible cold (-20 degrees celsius-ish) to check out Dutch edgemen Vitamin X. It absolutely sucked outside. It was so cold I even considered not going. The Canadian winter can do that to a person. My reluctance kept me from catching the first two bands, which was kind of a downer.

After a long walk there, I entered to catch Hazardous Waste’s last song. I obviously can’t assess the band on just that song, but it sounded pretty good. I’d make a point to check them out again the next time they play the city. Immediately, I was also very surprised at the turnout. I guess the openers had some draw, and more people are into Vitamin X than I assumed.

I was glad I got there in time to catch Reprobates. There’s been a bit of what I can only describe as a buzz around this band, and to a degree they lived up to it. Very fast, very pissed off. The singer opened the set by telling the crowd that we were all retarded.

Reprobates. February 11th, 2008

They did these rock kind of interludes now and then which didn’t really appeal to me, but everything else did. By mid-set the singer had begun bleeding excessively from his right hand and the crowd seemed pretty into it. I picked up a copy of the demo, and the artwork is pretty rad. In the layout there’s a big cut & paste that reads “I Think You’re All Fucked”. Will check this band out again.

After them was the infinitely excited Vitamin X. I hadn’t really given this band the time of day beforehand, but you can’t really mess with Euro straight edge, and these guys definitely had a blast on stage. Its always exciting to watch a band that seems to love being up on stage. The singer was constantly encouraging circle pits, and when the crowd wouldn’t comply he would toss the mic down, jump in and mix it up himself. He was constantly jumping, and bowing. Just endless amounts of energy.

Vitamin X, February 11th, 2008

It seems to be the one characteristic that can, with relative consistency, be attributed to European bands. They are never lethargic and always giving it their all. Always great to watch. There was one point where he jumped and actually kicked a dude in the head, after which he repeatedly apologized, said he would stay further back the next time he jumped and kept warning his victim to be safe in the pit. He even had the crowd do a wall of death. The band had a bit of a Side By Side thing happening at times, which was cool. After their set wrapped up, they were coaxed back onto the stage to play a song and a Black Flag cover in their own style.

All in all, I was glad I went. It was a rough walk home though.


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