Fire N’ Ice

Ashley’s photo from the fire.

When I woke up this morning I was alerted that Queen St. West at Bathurst St. in Toronto was ablaze. The reports were saying it was a 6-alarm fire on the south side of the street between Bathurst and Portland. For this reason, there was a lot of speculation as to what exactly was on fire.

To a lot of people I know, there are (read: were) several important stores on this block including Suspect Video, Duke’s Cycles and Cosmos Records to name only a few. As well, holding guard for the block on the southwest corner of Bathurst and Queen, is that purple eyesore many hold dear, the Big Bop. The Big Bop contains the Kathedral, the Reverb, and Holy Joe’s. Odds are if you’re reading this you’ve seen at least one show before in this building, if not many. Only two weeks ago I saw Madball and Sick of It All there, and the Strife show in May is happening there.

This had me in a panic this morning, as the Kathedral and the Reverb are the biggest small venues that hold all ages shows in Toronto, and it would have been a terrible loss had the building been damaged beyond repair. Fortunately it seems that the building was left unharmed by the blaze, but there could be other damages that presently remain unseen.

It’s a shame that this happened. I’ve walked this block countless times since moving to the city, and it’s sad to see it go like this. To top it all off, I heard that Home Depot may be developing on the parking lot at Portland and Queen. Now that is something I would go out and protest.

RIP Suspect (Queen – there’s still one at Bloor), Duke’s, Cosmos, Jupiter, Preloved, Ali Baba, National Sound and all the others.

I will post any updates if something this morning seriously affected the Big Bop.

EDIT: Not that you can’t find this information in every major Toronto newspaper today, apparently Cosmos and Ali Baba are okay. So get to Cosmos and buy everything you planned to buy last weekend.


2 Responses to “Fire N’ Ice”

  1. 1 Leif Harmsen February 21, 2008 at 12:53 am

    Ali Baba! Damn, one less place to get a good shwarma. I thought Dukes was on the north side – I must be thinking of another bike store.

  2. 2 Jason February 21, 2008 at 3:21 am

    …Ali Baba is fine.

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