Latest Hits and Misses

I’ll do this regularly. Here’s the Feb. 16th list of new stuff in at Hits and Misses. 860 Bloor just east of Ossington. It’s all good, but I made a few highlights.

Violent Minds-s/t (repress)
Marvelous Darlings-I Don’t Wanna (restock)
Statues-Same Bodies (finally got this in)
Born Bad-Moron Music (new one)
F-Four from ’84 (apparently 4 songs from a 1984 cassette only release)
After The Bombs-Bloody Aftermath(new from Montreal Dis-style band)
Danny Glover-Lethal Weapon (fast Texas hc ,says like PI/No Comment style)
Drop Dead/Look Back and Laugh-split (restock)
Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare-split (restock)
Mankind?/Final Warning (back in print)
Repercussions-No Peace (new on Feral Ward)
Vancouger-Naughty (new on…………… well, Ugly Pop)
Waste Management-Get Your Mind Right
Die Kreuzen-Cows And Beer(restocked, and no doubt Homer’s fav punk 7″)
Bad Reaction-Plastic World
Crucial Cause-Try Our Luck
Vaurio-Sortoa Ja Vainoa (another new Feral Ward release)
Acrostix-Truth Turned Gray With Justice
Bracewar-s/t (new on Grave Mistake)
The Ergs/Lemuria (restock)
Hard Skin-Make My Tea (as Pesci would say………. YYEESSS!!
Complete Waste-s/t
Government Warning-Arrested (restock)
Spazz/25 Ta Life-split (think this came out a long time ago, repressed)
Social Circkle-I’ve Got Afflictions (finally in!)
Acid Reflux-Secret Power (ditto, new on No Way)
Trendy Bastard/Krupskaya-split

Aus Rotten-And Now Back (restock)
Anti Product-Deafining (restock)
Baader Brains-The Complete Unfinished (ex-Please Inform the Captain…band)
Ildjarn-Hardangervidda #1 and #2 (both limited to 500 and new on Nuclear War Now)
Ignivimous-Path of Attrition (new on Nuclear War Now)
Blasphemy-Gods of War/Blood UponThe Alter (double lp reissue)
Nocturnal Graves-Satan’s Cross
Damaar-Triumph Through Spears Of Sacrilege (gotta love the metal albums names!!! )
Gersch-s/t (Isis related)
Amebix-The Power Remains (back in print!)
Koro-Speed Kills (restock)
Drain The Sky-Haunted By Rivers (new on Level Plane,I think some HHIG member(s) )
Heaven In Her Arms-Erosion Of The Black Speeckle
Acursed-Tunneln I Ljusets Slut (new on Prank,at least there is one word I know in the title!)
Kylesa-s/t (repressed first lp on Prank)
V/A Best Friends Day (bunch of great band on here)
Verbal Abuse-Just An American Band
Criminal Damage-both LP’s restocked

A.G.E.-The Scar Of Lead
Tragedy-s/t (repressed)
Tranzmitors-s/t (restocked)
Manslaughter-Turn Me Loose (500 press, don’t think they do the Loverboy song on this!)
Flash Attacks-Pray For Death
Germ Attack-Ouroboros (2,000 press )
Ghost Mice/Andrew Jackson Jihad-split (restock)
Mind Eraser-Glacial Reign (restock)
Humanoids-Are Born (for those who missed this first time around, the best Dillinger 4 record ever made by not them, you need this)
Dystopia-s/t (yes decades later, they finally put out their last recordings)
Observers-So What’s Left Now (finally repressed)

Murder Disco X-Complete Discography
Unseen Force-In Search of The Truth
Bad Chopper-s/t
Criminal Damage-No Solution
Black Tusk-Passage Through Purgatory
Iron Lung-Life.Iron Lung.Death
Seige-Drop Dead
Anti Product-The EP’s of Anti Product
Acursed-Tunneln I Ljusets Slut
Career Suicide-Attempted Suicide


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