Hits and Misses Update #2

No hidden messages in this one. Go buy some records from Pete.

Here are 2 orders that came in for your consumption!

Drug Test/R’N’R-split (new stuff by both bands)
Foundation-s/t (the HC band and not the acoustic band!)
State/Fuck This-split (new material from State!!!)
Toxic Holocaust/Bludwulf-split (new on Relapse, and 1,000 press)
7 Generations/Gather-split (restock)
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes-Kenny (buy now and put on Ebay years later!)
Sabertooth Zombie/Tiger Upper Cut (new HC madness)
7 Seconds/Kill Your Idols-split (restock)
Black SS/Raining Bricks-split (restock)
Trash Talk/Steel Trap-split (restock)
Ceremony-Scared People (2nd press)
Transistor Transistor-Young (new on Level Plane)
Reign Supreme-American (new on Malfunction)
Circles-s/t (born out of Go It Alone and Get The Most,got to be good!!!)
Flogging Molly-Float (new single)
Jud Jud-The Demos (back in print and xPescIx-approved)
45 Grave-Evil/Partytime (2 of their best and limited to 300)
Minor Threat-Salad Days (2 of their best and limited to…….)
Annihilation Time-Cosmic (their new one restocked)
Lost Sounds-Motorcycle Leather (an old single reissued)
Yokohama Hooks-Turn On (weird,but good. Musically it is Television/vocally it is Poly Styrene meets Patti Smith, plus one of the weirdest covers I have ever heard. J-Lo step up to the plate for this one!!!)
Glazers-s/t (new, yes NEW on Rip Off records, this will get Pesci’s approval, and limited to 300)
Nirvana-Sliver (uhm, they were from Seattle or something)
Eddie & The Subtitles-American Society (get this amazing limited to 1,000 single, a piece of So.Cal. punk history,and save about $80 on an original,unless B.T. has a stash of 10 in the back room)

V/A-Four Old Seven Inches (first 4 single on Discord, pressed on coloured vinyl, for how long???? no one knows!)
Lie And Wait-Led Astray (new 12″ single)
Circle Jerks-Group Sex (reissued, finally)
Flogging Molly-Drunken Lullibies (I smashed a light out bulb out listening to this one time at home, with a drunken raised fist!!)
Misfits-Static Age (restock)
Palehorse-Secrets Within (new one)
Envy-All The Footprints
Descendents-Cool To Be You
Hot Snakes-Audit In (repressed)
Life Long Tragedy-Runaway (new one on Deathwish)
Botch-Themes Redux (double LP of rarities,etc…)
Bad Brains-s/t (restock)
Ceremony-Violence Violence (2nd press)
Crime In Stereo-Is Dead (restock)
Have Heart-Things We Carry
Down To Nothing-Unbreakable (coloured vinyl, new on REV)
Resist-We Want Our World (new on indescion, good youth crew stuff here)
Ergs!-Upstairs,Downstairs (restock)
Graf Orlock/Geryskull (restock)
Chuck Regan-Los Felix (restock)
Righteous Jams-s/t (back in print)
Clockcleaner-Babylon Rules (and it is burning too!)
Hot Water Music-No Division (repress available now)
Against Me-Reinventing Axl Rose (restock)
Hellbillys-Land Of Demons (repress of first lp)
Drag The River-You Can’t (new LP)
Gang Green-Older/You Got (double LP reissue on Roadrunner)
Minus The Bear-Interpretation (new LP,what are we Rotate or something!)
Stooges-s/t (classic restock)
Terrible Twos-s/t (new full length)
SSS-s/t (new metal band)
Big Black-Songs About Fucking and Headache ep (restock)
Detroit Cobras-Tied and True (new album)
Vision-The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say (xBackxInxPrint)
Radio Birdman-Essential (double LP on Sub Pop back in stock,Essential,indeed)
Bronx-Bats (limited picture disc reissue)
Hives-Black And White Album
Pissed Jeans-Shallow (restock)
Eddie & The Subtitles-Fuck You (collection of the first 2 LP’s on one)
Texas Is The Reason-Do You… (reissue back in stock)

Eddie & The Subtitles-Fuck You
Hot Water Music-Till The
B-Girls-Who Says (back in print?)
Radio Birdman-Essential
Paint It Black-New Lexicon (vinyl is scheduled for mid/late March release)
Rancid-B Sides and C Sides
Celtic Frost-Morbid Tales (B.T. approved, well at one time)

————–other goodies———–
Ugly Things- issue #26 (back in stock)
The Bronx-Live At The… DVD


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