Rammer’s Last Stand


So I found out through the wonders of the facebook news feed that Toronto Thrash band RAMMER are playing their final shows this coming weekend. Despite being a full-on thrash band, Rammer has been a mainstay of the Toronto Hardcore Punk scene for the last 9 years (probably because they are the only members of the Toronto Thrash scene I’ve ever seen), and it will be sad to see them go. I last saw them at the last show at Adrift, and it was gnarly. If you can, check them out this weekend. Friday at the Horseshoe and Saturday at Siesta Nouveaux.

This is what Dave from Rammer posted on the Rammer Myspace:

Death comes ripping…through the beast known as Rammer.

After 9 long years the mighty Rammer will be entering the grave at the end of March.

It is supremely frustrating to me that a band so utterly unique and powerful should fall prey to its own toxicity and not be able to realize the potential it possesses. Many things over the years have kept Rammer from becoming as functional and productive as it could and SHOULD be. All of you out there in bands who are reading this will know at least partly what I mean. It is the frustrations arising from this inherent state as well as constantly evolving personal goals and ambitions which have caused some members to leave.

This was not a decision arrived upon lightly and it still weighs heavily on all of us. Al our drummer and Phil our bass player have decided to move to the USA to pursue other musical endeavours together. This move is indicative of the mounting difficulties we’ve been having in keeping Rammer a functioning band that is musically satisfying for all 5 people involved.

We have decided that we will not continue with Rammer as a band. Rather we feel that things have come full circle in many ways and that this is a logical end to all the madness we’ve created over the years.

Regarding our forthcoming releases:

The ‘Siege of Madness’ CD/LP will still be coming out. The art work is finished and the layout is almost done. The whole thing should go to press by the end of March and will be widely available worldwide.

The split 7″ with Early Man which is part of Relapse Records’ ‘Speed ‘n Spikes’ series is also coming out. It is the fourth in a series of 4 7″ releases and will be out within a few months via Relapse.

I will be posting a blog shortly with updated merch information featuring pricing and images of new shirts, 7″es and other swag so stay sharp.

I will continue to monitor this site and correspond with all the Rammer rageslaves over the world. I will also be posting relevant information about any post-Rammer projects that arise… and rest assured they will arise like a horrid stench from the dead. Any questions or other inquiries will be answered in a timely fashion.

All wild maniacs are invited to attend our last two shows on the 14/15th weekend which are listed on our page.

Funerarily yours;

Dave fucking K.

If you haven’t yet, check this band while you can. They’re not just one of Toronto’s best thrash bands, they might be the only one.


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