There’s No Justice…

Forgive the cliche/borrowed entry title, but could anything be more fitting?

I’ve just spent the first bit of the morning reading about Justice’s recent break up. They played their last show, in Belgium, on the 8th of March.

Spoiler, the former bassist of Justice, wrote a neat little retrospective here.

There’s a couple things I remember about these guys specifically. I remember seeing them open for Mental/Desperate Measures back in the summer of ’04, and being way too stoked on DM to even think about it. Justice definitely impressed. It was the first time I really started to get into this band. I wasn’t as stoked on them as others, but they did what they did well.

The next summer was the summer of Planet Mental/Elephant Skin, and I can’t even count the times the “which one do you think is better?” discussion occurred in those months. I saw them with Mental that summer in LA. It was the peak of Lockin’ Out greatness. I remember hearing that riff in “Fish on a Hook” and needing to mosh. The photo on the back of the LP was genuinely cool. These guys just had an incredible vibe at this point.

About a year later I saw them with The First Step in Hamilton. Around this point they had released their first single post-Elephant Skin, and everyone was wondering what changed. I can’t say I got really into it, but it wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be. More often than not, when hardcore bands try to grow they get a real cold shoulder from the scene.

Awhile after was the “Escapades” LP, and before the record came out, there was all this talk about Flip ripping off some Unwritten Law lyrics. I think a lot of people found this suspect and, as far as I ever saw, there was no explanation. I never ended up checking out the Escapades LP, and Justice never played around Toronto after its release.

That said, with all this nostalgia occurring, I’ll be sure to check out this new record.

If only for a minute, these guys were the first “euro” band that crossed the Atlantic and had kids across the continent moving around. They did with more swagger and energy than almost all of the bands doing a similar thing at that time. Check’em out if you never have before.

RIP Justice.


1 Response to “There’s No Justice…”

  1. 1 pat March 15, 2008 at 2:02 pm

    yeah after seeing them twice two nights in a row for their escapades release i was really indifferent about the band. i like the old stuff, and live they were still pretty interesting to see, but at some points they became pretty unbearable.

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