Rammer’s Last Stand in Review

EDIT: Came across some cool photos here.

After staying in and missing Rammer’s show at the Horseshoe on Friday, I decided I would check out the Saturday show at Siesta Nouveaux.

I made my way over to the venue at around 10 o’clock, not having an idea what time either of the bands on the two band bill would start playing. At this point I had never seen a show at Siesta Nouveaux, and was met with the surprise that the space hosting the show was not the space I had booked for the upcoming SITC shows. That spot is cool, but the High Art for the Low Down spot was amazing. I wish I had brought my digital camera to snap some photos, but I didn’t really think ahead. My apologies.

In the past, I have only really seen Rammer at various hardcore shows, and never really checked them out on their own bill. The crowd at the space was absolutely different than the usual hardcore crowd. The show had an awesome vibe. It was a pretty cool glimpse at I guess what can be considered Toronto’s metal scene.

At about 11, Cauldron went on. Apparently these guys are ex-Goat Horn, who I have never seen. Total late 70s hard rock/metal, both in aesthetic and sound. I watched a few songs, and despite some weird vocals at times, they were pretty entertaining. I ditched after about half way through to go outside and get some air. The room where the bands were playing was pretty small, and it seemed like everyone was smoking. Couldn’t really deal with that for a band I wasn’t crazy about. People poured out after the set covered in sweat.

After catching some air and having a cop ask me if I called about anybody O.D.’ing, I went back in and awaited the Rammer’s set. Just after midnight they took the stage and the tiny room was packed. Surprisingly the sound was pretty awesome, and I was incredibly impressed with Dave K’s vocals. Dude can really hit it live. They opened with the eponymous Rammer, and slayed for as long as I was there. I chose to depart early to get across town, but while I was there I experienced what I think will go down as one of the best metal shows Toronto has ever seen.

Oh, and I woke up yesterday to a phone call from my cousin informing me he had an extra ticket to see Maiden at the ACC.


It was the weekend of metal, and it was totally gnar.



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