In the News



And there’s other things…

– Hazardous Waste and Bad Skin are playing at Siesta Nouveaux tonight. Get down there and check it out if you can.

World War I is no longer playing the Ceremony show. They will now be playing with Cloak/Dagger, which will be happening May 17th at Rancho Relaxo. If you’re under 19 and you want to see this show, contact me.

Trapped Under Ice and Vanishing Point are now playing the Ceremony show. This is still happening June 1st at Siesta Nouveaux.

– Spring is slowly showing its signs, which means bike punks and skateboard punks can start calling each other names again.

– There should be some new flyers up this weekend, as well as some facebook invitations, if you’re into that.

– The Gonna Fall Hard interview will go up this weekend, unedited.

LetxDown is next Saturday. They have a new record coming out called “We’re in this Alone.” The title put a smile on that face, and I expect the record to rip.

S’it for now.


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