An Interview with Gonna Fall Hard

One day at work, I found myself rather bored. So I decided to look into the current Italian hardcore scene via the great invention called the internet. What would’ve been near impossible 20 years ago was incredibly easy. I listened to a few bands and eventually came across Gonna Fall Hard. I dug some of the music on their page so I figured I’d drop them a line and we set up an interview that took forever to get done. I must have waited a month before I sent the questions.

The following is that interview, verbatim. They edited the question order as they saw fit. Their first language isn’t English, and my Italian is way worse, so the questions aren’t too in depth, but the answers are great. After reading this, you should go check out the new demos they just posted. With the right hookups, this band could do pretty well for themselves this side of the pond.

Gonna Fall Hard 1

SITC: How did you get into hardcore? Did you get into North American or Italian hardcore first?

Burro: I was first of all a punk, when I was 12 my brother give to me some black metal tape and after that satanic (hahaha) experience I started to listen Ramones, Rancid, Angelic Upstarts and more. So I bought a pair of Doc. Martens boots, I shaved my head and I started my skinhead period: it was great, we’re a little crew of outlaw kids, always drunk and into troubles and problems with the law…one day my friend said “hey Luca you have to listen this shit” and he give to me Warzone “don’t forget the struggle” and Youth of today “we’re not in this alone” albums. Oh shit, that albums change my life definitly.

Dudu: yo…nissiu favelas or bust…I was punk at first, in the beginning of 1993 I was the first punk in Venice that walk around with spikey hair and all the punk gadgets!After that I was skinhead for a short period and than hardcore kids, the first hardcore bands that I listened was from USA and Italy: agnostic front, verbal abuse, slapshot, negazione, indigesti and more…

SITC: What do you do in Gonna Fall Hard? When did Gonna Fall Hard start?What was your first show like? What is the best (or your favourite) show you have ever played?

Dudu: I’m the singer, it’s 6 years that GFH exist, me and the drummer (Buraz) are the only original members of the band since the day one. The band started in 2002, our first show was really fun with lots of friends that did a great mess…I don’t rember anything…ah shit, I dressed a Straight Ahead shirt…by the way every show is funny for us, we have fun and I say lots of bullshit on stage…fuck you all! I mosh for food!

Burro: I play the bass in Gonna Fall Hard since few months; I’m friend of Dudu (the singer) since lots of years and it’s a pleasure for me to. the european tour was awsome, every single show was awsome, I had a great time and meet lots of coooool people!!!

Gonna Fall Hard 2

SITC: What are your influences? What is it you like about them?

Dudu: I love the NYHC music of the beginning of 80’s altercation, breakdown, raw deal, abuse, antidote, cro mags, youth defense league, agnostic front, leeway, rest in pieces, ecc I think the NYHC bands of that year rapresent the true hardcore spirit: a punch in the face, anger, passion and emotion…the best scene ever!

Burro: all the NYHC scene from 80’s to now!!! I love Warzone, Madball, Agnostic front, Subzero, Sheer Terror everything that come out from New York City. I love that place!!! By the way I love also other artist like Rancid, Frank Sinatra, Ramones, Louis Armstrong, Cypress hill…I listen lots of music from hip hop to Oi! from punk rock to blues but my favourite shit is always NEW YORK HARDCORE MUSIC!!!

SITC: Do you ever write about politics or society? How important is that?

Burro: I think the politics situation in Italy sucks! Left or right is the same shit, politicians just working to divide the kids. People of the streets come from the same problems and shitty situations, the politicians want to divide us because they know that united we’re a weapon…they’re working just to protect theyr fucking money!

Dudu: I hate politics…every politicians have to eat a shit and go to hell, I hate racism, I hate left and right, I hate comunism and fascism, I’m with every people of every race and faith…fuck the politicians and the politics, they want just to divide us.

Gonna Fall Hard 3

SITC: What are your goals with the band? Do you ever plan to come to North America?

Luca: it’s one of my all time dream to play in North America!!!

Dudu: I don’t know what do you mean exactly with “goal” but about goal a remeber the 2006 when we kicked the France asses and won the World cup! We’re the World champion! Italy Italy into the night! Fuck Francia!I hope to play one day in the States to show you that also an Italian band can do mosh songs!

SITC: What’s the scene like in Venice? Are there any problems? Any good things? What do you like about it? How many kids come to shows? What is the crowd like? What are the venues like? What record stores are good? Why do you book shows?

Burro: I’m from Vicenza not Venice, but Venice is the “hardcore headquarterd” for the kids that living in the north east of Italy. In Italy is the best place for the hardcore shows, the kids dance hard in the pit…there are not many venues for the shows but the kids are always the same, we have always a lots of fun; sometime we come back home with broken bones or bloody nose for the joy of our mothers!!! hahaha. Emo faggot stay at home this is hardcore!!!

Dudu: Actualy the Venice scene is the best in Italy, no preoblems apart the fact that Nissiu Favelas must drink less hahahaha! The kids are always more at the shows and they dance hard in the pit under and over the stage, they are not faggot like in Milano…this is Venice! If you are skared to do mosh back in Milano and take it in the ass! I organize show of the band that I like with my booking (, no crust or fake thrash shit with the patches…no emo fagg!


SITC: Who are your favourite Italian bands right now? What’s good about them?

Burro: Gonna Fall Hard is my favuorite italian band 🙂 but there’re also other cool guys in our country!

Dudu: Mine: Gonna Fall Hard! I don’t listen Italian bands because the most of them sucks and they’re still attached to vegan, anarchy or politics bullshit…the hardcore haven’t rules, I’m friend with Awaken Demons and Watch your step.

SITC: Favourite band of all time? Why?

Dudu: Cro-mags!

Burro: Warzone and Madball, their sound lyrics changed my life and help me out to go out from shitty situations. When I was broke I can find in their songs the strength to wake up again..

SITC: What’s your favourite mosh part ever?

Burro: tooooooo much!!! hahaha one time a broke a feet dancing hard Madball “NYC” mosh part, awsome!!!

Dudu: Good question! Aron bruschina mosh! Have you ever listen it? It’s cool! GFH now is: Dudu/vox Burro/bass DJ/guitar Buraz/drums Gigi aka Caveman/guitar Thanks for everything…cocal posse rule the world, I wanna say hi to my girlfriend! my bro’ brega and all the asshole into cocal posse!… You have to know that Bjorn from Rise and Fall used to put vegetable in his ass!


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