LetxDown at Pomona House

This past Saturday was the very first show under the “Stuck in the City” banner. Ironically, it took place in the suburbs at the Pomona House, which is home to Spencer and family.

To get out there I took the GO back to Brampton and then borrowed the folks’ car. On my way into Burlington I intended to pick up a new tape recorder to use for interviewing bands. I’d been eyeing this specific model that the Source was carrying, and to my dismay, the store near Spencer’s didn’t have one. This means the LetxDown interview I had hoped to do in person will instead be done via email, against the suggestions of one Mr. X. You can expect that interview soon.

I met with Spencer and the LetxDown guys (who arrived at about 9 am) in the parking lot of the local Ultramart. We headed back to the house and Spencer cooked up some burgers as people (very slowly) started to arrive. When the weather is nice, you’re barbecuing and actually getting to meet and talk with some of the people attending, it’s hardly a problem that people are taking their time to arrive. Spencer made some salsa burgers, which were surprisingly awesome. Someone (probably myself) is going to have to invest in a hibachi for the shows downtown. Some people (Jose) even took the opportunity to go for a soak in the hot tub. The house was super nice and only about 200 metres (give or take) from Lake Ontario. Spencer’s mom even set up a fire in the living room where bands were selling merch.

At around 730 we found out that half of Black Birds were running late. They showed up around 830, which didn’t end up being a big deal. They set up and played some loud, dark and heavy music. Jay Oyoung, former guitarist of The Kill Decibel is now playing guitar and Brendan, who used to drum for About to Snap before they broke up is now playing drums.

These guys were so loud in fact that with a song left I had to leave to give my ears a rest. Next time I attend a show at that house I’m wearing earplugs. Save for what appeared to be a guitar issue it was a good set for a first show with new members. Worthwhile to check out if you’re into stuff like Coliseum et al.

After Black Birds, Eating Glass played. I really think these guys are one of the best hardcore bands in Southern Ontario right now and it’s a shame that they don’t get more recognition. Anyways, they played and as usual they ripped. I don’t think Spencer missed any drum parts this time around.

Hopefully their new record drops sooner than later. I think kids will really get into it when it comes out.

Urban Beav and the Blights followed. It really sucks that these guys don’t play more. Beav’s one of the funniest front men around. Up there with Nic from Final Word. Seriously. The highlight was, “My girlfriend keeps saying we should get a condo! I don’t know what to do!” At one point Beav went to intro a new song called “Blight Makes Right” from the forthcoming eponymous EP. He prepped it with a speech and yelled “Blight Makes Right” but Jason wasn’t expecting it and forgot to start the song. That’s one of the most entertaining things about Urban Blight, that they are not afraid to show they haven’t practiced in a while and make a joke of it.

They played a ripper of a set. Kids were moshing despite the fact there wasn’t much space and the new tracks were fast and furious. They’re apparently recording soon with Jonah of CS/FU.

LetxDown followed. They tore through their set of fast and angry straight edge tunes. They are few bands doing this right now, so to a degree it was refreshing. Save for a few thank yous, the vocalist Bob didn’t say much else. A very straightforward performance, no bullshit.

For the most part kids watched without moving around, but during the last song, after Justin, the bassist, pushed Bob, kids went off and seemed to know all the words. Following the set, the guys from LetxDown were saying that they really enjoyed themselves. And then they jumped into the hot tub to relax.

All in all it was a great show and, I’d say, a success. Thanks to everyone who came out to support. Hopefully we’ll see you at more shows in the future.

Oh, and Spencer made the band a vegan chocolate pie with his “girlfriend.”

Things I’ve been listening to while writing this:
Blacklisted – Heavier than Heaven…
Paint it Black – New Lexicon
Krakdown – “Demo” ’88
Rhythm to the Madness – Soul Doubt
Black Sabbath – Master of Reality/Never Say Die


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