An Interview With LetxDown

LetxDown is a straight edge band from EDIT:Chalfont, PA. They played here this past weekend at the Pomona House in Burlington. I was going to do this interview in person, but didn’t purchase a recorder in time. Instead we exchanged a few messages, and the following is the result.You can check them out here or order their new LP from Six Feet Under Records.

SITC: Who are you/What do you do in Let Down?

justin: i am called justin ogden. i play bass.

bob: i sing.

SITC: How was the trip to Burlington? Did you enjoy the show?

justin: the trip was pretty good, a six hour drive from wilkes-barre. we cleared the border with no problem and proceeded into my homeland. i grew up in whitby, ontario (other side of toronto from burlington) and it was awesome to be back in my country of origin for the first time in a few years.

bob: it was alright i guess. two for one pizza is bullshit. we did enjoy the show though, it was wonderful, and we can’t wait to return.

SITC: So when did you become edge? How were you introduced to it? Do you consider it a for life kind of thing?

justin: i was 17, i was introduced to it before i became it because of minor threat and stuff like that, also when i was in 9th grade (98-99) there was some girl at my high school who could be seen roaming the halls with dreads, an earth crisis basketball jersey, and huge Xs on her hands. that was cool. by definition the straight edge is for life.

bob: i’ve never done anything in my life. when i was 13 my friends were all smoking pot and it came around to me and i just said “this is stupid what the fuck am i doing”. so i’ve never touched anything. when i was in 8th grade this kid used to x up for school all the time and wear a gorilla biscuits hoody. i asked him what was up with the x’s and he said he was straight edge and explained what it meant. i realized i thought the same exact shit he did so i was like well i guess i’m straight edge. i’m pretty sure i was 14. it’d definitely a for life kind of thing, otherwise i wouldn’t say i was straight edge at all. sounds corny and shit but honestly true till death. fuck edgebreaking

SITC: About the new album: Who’s idea was it for the title? Was created out of resentment to past edge bands, such as YOT, who sold out the edge?

bob: it was my idea because we were talking about how the name of that yot record is bullshit. we’re not in the same category as most other edge bands or other hardcore bands for that matter. we don’t have anything in common with diy punk straight edge shit, i don’t view them as being anything like me. i don’t care about most of the shit they talk about. i talk about this pretty straight forward-ly in the actual song “we’re in this alone”. we’ve never sucked any dick to try and be a bigger band, we don’t have any hidden agendas or messages, i don’t care about problems in the word, it’s us and only us, don’t give a fuck about anybody else really.

justin: it’s really “funny” (and by funny i mean stupid) when people say the youth of today record title as if we didn’t know about it or something, like it wasn’t what we were going for. anyway, youth of today is a cool band but judge is better. that’s the eternal debate, judge vs. youth of today. everyone in let down says judge, that’s why we’ve been a band for so long with no lineup changes.

SITC: How do you feel about straight-edge within hardcore currently? Why would you say you’re “in this alone”? How do you feel about all the shitty mosh-metal edge bands?

bob: mosh metal straight edge is completely retarded and gay. fuck that shit. there are almost no edge bands worth listening to right now, it’s lame. certain bands like step forward are cool but as a whole straight edge is pretty much an afterthought or portrayed in a really corny retarded way. as in writing lyrics that are easily accesible and safe to listen to. fuck that bullshit.

justin: hardly anybody is writing any straight edge hardcore that appeals to me. everyone seems to want to be on this corny “to each his own” stance. yeah that’s fine and good, i mean obviously i don’t go down the street attacking everyone smoking a cigarette, but this is HARDCORE, it’s supposed to be fun, it’s supposed to be angry, like a form of escapism. i want to hear shit that’s actually pissed off because that’s how i feel 90% of the time. that being said, have heart is a great band and they deserve their respect, step forward is great, but i think my favorite straight edge hardcore band right now is TRUE COLORS from europe. i can’t listen to their LP and not get stoked, it’s so fucking good.

SITC: In your opinion, who was the best edge band ever?

bob: judge judge judge judge

justin: unbroken is my favorite band of all time, judge comes close, then chorus of disapproval, SSD and floorpunch round out the top 5.

SITC: When I saw you guys at the Floorpunch reunion you did a covered OLCs Murdario Stomp. I know from talking with you guys that you generally disagree with their politics, but where do you stand on that shit?

bob: i think that whole record is unbeatable. over the top lyrics plus heavy fucking mosh. some sketchy lyrics but i’d rather hear that than some frosty mediator singing about how bands need to start talking about making a change but never come out and say how they want that change to happen.

justin: who cares about politics, left or right it’s usually some dipshit saying shit just to hear himself talk. like the man paul bearer said “what the fuck is politically correct? all politics are shit”. i don’t agree with some of the politics or whatever (i mean i immigrated to america, albeit from canada, so clearly i’m not anti-immigration) but you can’t deny the greatness of OLC. this might sound kind of weird but a lot of times on tour we ask people we meet which band they like better: OLC or scholastic deth. if people like scholastic deth we’re still nice to them but we can never be true friends.

SITC: Who was that little guy that intro’d you guys there (at the FP reunion)?

bob: little matt aka problem child. the kid is awesome, he comes with us everywhere. anybody who talks shit and says we are corrupting him can suck my dick. we treat him like any other one of our friends we don’t baby him or whatever. moshes hard as hell, great kid.

justin: matt is 12 (turning 13), he was just some doylestown kid who went to shows and the skate park and shit like that, his parents don’t give a fuck about him and he has no friends his own age so we take him to shows and shit with us. and applebee’s. what’s cool about matt is that he got into shit on his own, he has no older brother (well he does but he’s some pothead dude), he’s his own man. i guess it’s kind of weird or whatever that i’m 23 and can sometimes be seen hanging out with some random 12 year old but when i was younger i hung out with older dudes and they showed me shit so now we’re doing the same for him. if you’re actually into hardcore, it doesn’t matter how old you are. if people stopped caring so much about shit like that there might be more people at shows over the age of 21.

SITC: What’d it mean to you to be asked to play the FP reunion?

bob: they have been one of my favorite bands since i was 14 and honestly if we didn’t play i would’ve been pissed as fuck at robby. we are influenced a lot by that band and porters lyrics are pretty much exactly on point with my stance on straight edge. our set was kinda weak but getting to see floor punch was fucking awesome.

justin: i was so stoked i wandered around doylestown at 4 AM listening to floorpunch on my ipod. oh yeah, bob only thought the set was weak because he tried to dive off the PA thing and ripped his count me out shirt in half. he looked like rambo, it was stupid.

SITC: So what’s next now that the LP’s out? Stoked for Europe?

bob: europe should be awesome, i never thought i would get to do something like that in my going-nowhere life. after that we’re touring out to sound and fury and back this summer and just trying to play as much as possible.

justin: a “weird” post-LP 7 inch after we start doing mushrooms. no but really just gigging around, having it our way (like at burger king). if we record something after the LP i want it to be akin to the transition unbroken made with their 7 inches after “life. love. regret. ”

SITC: Last but not least, what’s better edgebreak or never were?

bob: never were is better by far. at least if you were never straight edge i can look at you and not think you were full of fucking shit. fuck everyone who says that they don’t understand why people look at them differently when they break. how the fuck am i supposed to believe anything you say when you tell me you are something for so long and then turn around and shit on it. shit is stupid. be a man, stay edge

justin: they’re both stupid.

SITC: Anyone you want to shoutout?

bob: war pigs and force fed, doylestown hardcore. bob shedd. that’s about it

justin: doto hardcore, the other dudes in let down, namely my boy FER play on the six string and fart noises who bangs the skins. since this is for a toronto-based publication, i must shout out OUR WAR and of course town of hardcore zine. we are straight edge, go ahead and judge. our ideals, we won’t budge.

You can hear LetxDown on Myspace or order their new LP from Six Feet Under Records.


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  1. 1 drew April 10, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    We’re from chalfont not lemoyne dude!

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