Cold World and Paint it Black at the Kathedral

Last Friday night Paint it Black and Cold World played the Kathedral with locals Bergenfield Four and Diemonds. I left work, went to Kinkos to make copies of the new handbill and made a quick stop at home to drop some stuff off, then headed right to the show. I arrived at around 8 and began immediately to flyer the line. (You can’t just promote with a blog, you have to flyer too. If you flyer before, you get the kids talking. But, it is a good thing I have this blog too.) It was good to see some interest. Kids were also discussing the fact that, two hours before they were supposed to play, Cold World were not in town. It seemed no one knew whether or not they would make it.

After an impromptu parking lot meeting in regards to hardcore intros, I went in and caught the second half of Diemonds set. Can’t say I was personally into what they were doing musically. I don’t even really recall paying all that much attention as there were lots of people around I wanted to say hello to. From what I did notice though the vibe was entertaining solely on the basis of Caleb’s hat. I’m also pretty sure there was a smoke machine and giant banner.

After Diemonds was Bergenfield Four. B4 is comprised of members of Fucked Up, Alexisonfire, Urban Blight and Career Suicide. They sound nothing like any of those bands. It was a different performance than usual for Damian, the front man, who’s usually a bit more prominent on stage. That said, it fit the tone of the band as it was only their second show, meaning most of the kids in the crowd probably weren’t familiar with the material. It was generally dark punk stuff and it’s worth checking out.

When Bergenfield Four finished, Cold World had still not arrived, which was not aiding the general sentiment in the crowd, which was that they were going to flake on Toronto again. Even funnier, they had someone in Toronto print shirts for them, and they were being sold long before the crowd knew whether or not they’d make it. Soon enough, Cold World showed up and basically walked right on stage. It became unbelievably obvious that kids were there to see them. Right before they played, I introduced myself to the only photographer on stage. His name was Peter Youssef. The photos you see here belong to him.

Photo by Peter Youssef

The Cold World set was off the wall. They played plenty of songs, both new and old. People went wild. This set was far more intense than the last time they played here. I can only imagine how heavy the new stuff would have sounded with a second guitar player but for whatever reason he was absent from the show. You do kind of get the impression that they don’t play very often because they really aren’t that tight live, but it didn’t really matter.

Photo by Peter Youssef

The whole set there was a goon in a CCCP shirt moshing everyone into oblivion. It was all in all a killer set, closed off with what is in my opinion their best song so far, Gods & Earths. They’ve really nailed that Biohazard/Life of Agony sound. Hopefully they can get all their shit together and release that album that’s been “coming soon” for the last two years.

Paint it Black was to follow Cold World and they showed that it wasn’t something easy to do. I personally really enjoy the new Paint it Black record and sincerely admire Dan Yemin’s dedication to music but the crowd made it evident that they were there to see Cold World before PIB even started. Several people seemed to leave, or move to the back of the venue. The band themselves were very tight but they gave off what can be described as a weird vibe.

Photo by Peter Youssef

The set list was obviously well calculated and Yemin was sure to give a speech every few songs, something that few people seem interested in these days. His 90s hardcore sentiments were very clear and at one point he even scowled at the guitar player for saying Joe Carter could “suck a dick”. An understandable sentiment for someone from Philadelphia to have, but it was clear Yemin didn’t like the homophobic tone of the joke. A few songs later the guitar player even apologized. Whether or not it was right or wrong is a different story, but the crowd definitely seemed less interested at this point. Being PC isn’t really cool with kids right now it seems.

Photo by Peter Youssef

There were a few kids that seemed really into their set but it just wasn’t what I expected from the crowd nor what I was hoping to see.

After the show I handed out flyers again. Hopefully kids will come out to some of the other stuff coming up.

Things I listened to while writing this:
Downpresser – Perverted Justice
Corrosion of Conformity – Animosity
Justice – Look Alive
Moneen – The Theory of Harmonial Value


1 Response to “Cold World and Paint it Black at the Kathedral”

  1. 1 pat April 17, 2008 at 11:52 am

    def missed out on the “joe carter can suck a dick” part of this show. i was prolly already on the road by then.

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