A Few Things…

Just a few notes for today…

– Hits and Misses had a sale today. I was going to post before I left, but it was too nice out to use a computer/I forgot. 15% off all vinyl in celebration of the one year anniversary. We also spotted the mysterious guy who is slowly liquidating his collection. And I scored a copy of the Warzone Tommy Rat Demo on vinyl. Pumped.

– There are several punk/hardcore related shows happening tonight in the city, including

  • Lords @ Sneaky Dee’s w/Our Father, Die Brucke, Sailboats are White and Akroid
  • BBQ @ Rancho Relaxo w/the Wierdies
  • Lucero @ the Horseshoe
  • The Sainte Catherines @ Siesta Nouveaux

– It’s a week away to Trash Talk. Openers are listed, plus a young band from Toronto called Molested Youth. Make sure you show up early to see them. If the weather is half as nice as today, I’ll be pumped.

– I’m contemplating the idea of hardcore BBQs at shows.


1 Response to “A Few Things…”

  1. 1 pat April 20, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    fuck, i was going to go to hits and misses and stuff but got busy.

    hope everything goes well for trash talk.

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