Deesfear in Review

Okay, so this is the first of three reviews I’m gonna write over the next day or so.

Rewind 4 days, Disfear, the infamous d-beat crust band from Sweden, now fronted by Tomas Lindberg (sp?) of At the Gates fame, played at Sneaky Dees. Before the show, I met up with my pal Brandon at Bitondos to grab a quick bite to eat. We made a short pit stop to check out a potential new venue then hit Dees just before The Endless Blockade were to take the stage.

I hadn’t seen the Endless Blockade in probably two years due to various circumstances and they recently put out their new record, Primitive (which Jello Biafra sings on?!?), so I was pretty excited to check them out. These guys blew every other band off the stage that night. They opened with this really weird intro sample that started killing peoples’ ears before they even came close to the stage. It felt like it ran about 5 minutes before they walked on stage, where they would proceed to blaze through song after song. It was fast, furious and heavy. It definitely left me wanting to see them again. I picked up the record and the artwork/liner notes are pretty interesting. Still haven’t had the chance to give it a listen though. I’ve gotta get on that.

Next was The Living Darkness. I had only seen this band once prior and remember it being good, so I was very interested in seeing where they were at, as they were calling it quits after that night. I did enjoy their set, but not as much as the first time I saw them. They played for a long time, and The Endless Blockade was a hard band to follow. The combination didn’t fare them well. That said, they did have some good tunes and it’s a shame to see a solid local band walk away before they reached their full potential. Hopefully we see these guys do something else sometime soon. Also, this set was the first time this guy upfront was yelling to hear a Discharge cover. Note this for later.

After The Living Darkness was Trap Them. These guys are ex-Backstabbers Inc., but this band has more of a d-beat thing happening. There had been a bit of buzz around them as they recently signed to Deathwish, so I wanted to check out what they were doing. I got caught up in a conversation between bands, but made my way in about half way through their set and it was good. Loud, heavy and the crowd was very into it. The pit exploded for their last song. They almost cut their set short because of bass trouble, but recovered, and did one more. They were also requested to play a Discharge cover.

After Trap Them, all the way from Sweden, was Disfear. The venue was packed and it was evident that most people at the show were there to see them. The played some old stuff and some new stuff. The newer stuff has a bit less of the straight-up Discharge worship, which is good or bad depending on which side of the fence you’re on. For that crust-punk up front, it was bad, and he was starting shit as well as screaming for Discharge covers again. Lindberg stopped about 20 seconds into a song (the feminist one, I’m pretty sure) to have the dude escorted out, but it wasn’t the last I saw of him.

When Disfear wrapped up, I ducked outside to do some flyering and was met with a fight in front of the Royal Bank beside Dees. Supposedly the security authorized the fight, as long as it wasn’t carried out in front of Dees. It was apparently started because someone chose to light the Discharge fan’s fro-hawk on fire. It dragged on as people left the venue after the band and jumped in offering haymakers and headbutts. By the end of the melee, by my count, 4 dudes were bleeding. Pretty good after show entertainment. The Discharge fan walked away in his bloodied Crass hoodie yelling, “Fuck Toronto! Peace punk my ass!” Unfortunately, I was without a Big Mac.

Show did feel like it ran a bit long and that’s maybe because I’m not a super-fan of any of the bands or because, in my opinion the best band of the night played first. Though all in all, a good night.

Saturday’s show review to follow.


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