April 26th Review. Stuck in the City. Actually.

The 26th was supposed to be the date Trash Talk hit Toronto. As was announced earlier in the week, they had to cancel the date due to internal issues. It was going to definitely hurt the show, but there was no reason to not hold it.

Saturday morning, I woke up and found out the TTC had decided to call a strike at midnight. The hope for a turnout seriously diminished at this point. But, after a bit of deliberation and talks amongst peers I decided to say fuck it and have the show anyways.

I headed down to the venue around 6 to find Molested Youth loading their gear in. Again, I realized I forgot my camera. Not too much happened before the show. Just hangin out as a few people slowly trickled in. As expected, it wasn’t looking promising as far as a turnout was concerned.

Eventually all the bands had shown up, and Molested Youth took the stage. These kids were great. No bassist and a firecracker for a singer. Loud, short and fast songs. They even did an SSD cover. It’s awesome that these guys are young and getting involved. Can’t wait to see’em again, and I think the majority of the crowd shared that sentiment.

After Molested Youth was Nail Splitter. Before they played it was brought to my attention that neither Nail Splitter nor Eating Glass brought the bass cab that they promised each other, and both also forgot a kick drum. Props to the people who came to the rescue on that.

Anyways, I’ve heard lots of crazy stories about Nail Splitter already and was pretty interested in seeing them. Definitely have a late 90s/early 00s Cleveland by way of Hamilton thing happening. Heavy, dark, and fast. Another singer who was going nuts despite the limited crowd, and a few people even started to move around. Vocals couldn’t really be heard that well, but nevertheless it was a good set.

Omegas were next. These guys had traveled from Montreal to record that weekend with Jonah from MMCSFU and party for the Mosher’s birthday, so it would have been crazy for them to have not played. I’m really into what these guys are doing. When they get the crowd 100% on their side, it’ll get wild. They do a mish-mash of NYHC throughout the 80s and do it well. Ryan, the singer’s got a pretty goofy demeanor on stage which definitely adds to it. Props to their guitarist for pulling through a sickness to play and I’m always into Outburst covers. Good set.

To close out the show, Eating Glass played. A standard set from these guys. I admittedly didn’t give my full attention as I was watching from the back. Steve from Crossroad and TKD did get on the mic for a bit to sing his part in a song off their new 7″. Couldn’t really hear that well, but kids were moshing. At one point this weird dude in a hoody got moshed and fell into Rogers, one of the EG guitar players, who then fell into his own stack, knocking his head too the floor. Fortunately the head was alright. After a few minutes, the band closed out the set. It’s gonna be rad to finally get a copy of their tunes on vinyl, out soon on High Anxiety.

After the show, we hung out for a bit and then hit Dees with some friends to grab some post-mosh nachos. Considering all the circumstances that tried to fuck with this show, it was pretty great. At the end of the day it’s a shame that the show worked out the way it did because all the bands were worthwhile to see. Hopefully kids get more into seeing the local acts play. Otherwise, no complaining, great show.

Again, sorry for the lack of visual stimuli.


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