Tragedy in Buffalo

A week and a half ago I went down to see Tragedy at Mohawk Place in Buffalo. I’ve been intending to write this review since then, but have been terribly slow at it.

I met up with Mark and Michelle at Hits and Misses at about 3. We picked up Brandon and hit the road. Shortly after getting in the car it was established that I probably wouldn’t be allowed to cross the border with just photo ID, so we made a stop in Brampton to grab my new passport from the folks’ house. After that it was straight driving to Buffalo.

We pulled up to Mohawk Place at about 6pm, which is when we thought doors were. Apparently we were wrong, so we took the opportunity to hit Mighty Taco before the show. As expected, Mighty Taco was delicious. While we were eating a few other folks from Southern Ontario found their way in as well. It’s a tourist attraction for Canadians, I guess. Upon leaving Mighty Taco, we decided to figure out the voice activation feature in the rental car. Let me tell you, it’s very cool when you tell your car to play “We Gotta Know” and it actually does. After we all flipped out over that and made an unsuccessful Vitamin Water stop at Target, we made our way back down to desolate downtown Buffalo.

It was just after 7 and still the doors were not open. After a bit of waiting we were admitted, and everyone waited patiently for Tragedy to set up their distro/merch. Snagged a couple records myself and then hung out for an hour or so before any of the bands started.

The first band was called Trystero. I had never heard of this band, and was truthfully only interested in seeing Tragedy that night, so I was walking in and out of the venue as they played. They were doing a dark, droney sort of metal featuring what appeared to be an electric cello. Not really my thing but they were occasionally interesting.

After Trystero it was Corpus Dei, who were apparently celebrating a record release. Again I had initially found myself outside the venue when they started, but when I went inside they caught my attention. They were playing some dark and heavy hardcore in a Clevo sort of way. The crowd was going pretty wild for them, and their singer, who was a hefty individual had no qualms with standing on the floor in front of the stage in order to get continually moshed. During some of their slower parts, several kids took part in some zombie mosh, which was pretty funny when it first happened. While they played the last song, the crowd even built a human period, which reminded me a lot of when I first started going to shows in Brampton. It was awesome to see local kids giving a local band so much love without any sort of posturing. Everyone was out for a good time. My only beef was that they played maybe a bit too long, otherwise it was an awesome set.

Following Corpus Dei was Tragedy. I had never seen Tragedy before and was pretty excited about seeing them. They came out blazing with “You Are an Experiment” and filled out the set with songs from all their recordings. The crowd seemed pretty into it. The set was pretty unrelenting, and there was next to between song banter. They came to play and that was all. After they finished what I assume was their planned set, the crowd demanded an encore, despite the fact that members had left stage and the sound guy had begun to play music through the P.A. Eventually the band gave in and did “The Intolerable Weight,” my personal favourite, as an encore. They ended their set after that. This set alone was definitely worth the drive. They really translate the intensity on record to the live performance.

When the show was finished we hopped back in the car, made one more attempt (successfully) at getting vitamin water, then it was back to Toronto. I also snagged a bag of Doritos Collisions which were not as good as I expected.

Good road trip for sure. Thanks to Michelle for being a trooper and driving the whole way there and back.


1 Response to “Tragedy in Buffalo”

  1. 1 Chuck May 7, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    You’re totally right about those Doritos Collisions. My high hopes were dashed.

    Also, I totally wanna see Tragedy.

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