Crossroad/Coliseum/Victims/Metz Review

Off the top, the dudes at DOUBLENAUT designed the above flyer. They are great at what they do and you should check them out. They do silkscreens of a lot of their posters. Don’t be afraid to ask them for one.

Anyways, I’m going to keep this short.

Friday the 9th was Crossroad’s first show. If you’ve yet to hear about them, Crossroad is four former members of The Kill Decibel doing something totally different. Due to plenty of internet hype, I was interested in checking them out. That and the fact that I had seen the Kill Decibel countless times over the years and figured whatever these guys were doing, it would be interesting.

Anyways, I think most people were pleasantly surprised with their set. It was on the metal side of thrashy and had a very Pantera vibe in the song-writing as well as the vocal delivery. Ben, the guitarist, was constantly showing off his chops. I think few active guitarists in the city play as fast as this guy. One of the set’s highlights was when the band went into a jam, and Steve, the vocalist, left the stage to go grab a round of beers for the band. That and his stage dive into an unprepared crowd. They also did a shredding take on Howlin’ Wolf’s “Back Door Man,” which Steve sent out to the ladies. One thing I felt it was lacking though was the presence of the second guitar. There were some Anthrax-esque muted riffs that would’ve been twice as hard with another guitar, but really, boil this down to personal preference.

After Crossroad was Metz. Inadvertently, I spent their entire set outside. I did hear people enjoyed them though and apparently one of their songs was a straight up lift of a Youth Youth Youth riff.

Victims followed Crossroad. They were pretty good. Another D-beat band from Sweden at Dee’s only a couple weeks after Disfear. Their set was a bit more entertaining than Disfear’s. Less crowd participation, more variation on their genre.

Coliseum was behind Victims. I personally enjoyed their “Goddamage” EP, but truthfully have not been crazy about the newest record, “No Salvation.” I find it to be a bit bland despite the fact that I enjoy much of their lyrical content. I stuck around for some of their set, but really couldn’t be bothered to hang in.

Check out Crossroad the next time they play. I’ll be sure to post up when they’ve got some recordings.


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