Notes for a (fake) Monday morning…

  • Cold World posted MP3s from their new record here.
  • Jordan Posner of Millennial Reign (and formerly of No Warning) did an interview with Bjorn from Rise and Fall here.
  • Scott blogged about both these things before me here.
  • Negative Approach played Brooklyn last week apparently. Somehow, Hoibak was there. Here.
  • There’s a show happening tomorrow night with Unrestrained, a band featuring former members of My Revenge!, at Rancho Relaxo. My Revenge! were awesome when they played here a few years back.
  • Did I tell you about our myspace?
  • The Jay Pepito interview is looooong. Might be a two parter.
  • Rhythm to the Madness is a great band from Belgium. Check them out here.
  • The weather suuuuuucked for the long weekend in Toronto.
  • Cheap Tragedies are playing with Omegas and Rah in Burlington on Saturday afternoon. There will be burgers. I will be taking the GO Train there and back. Feel free to join.
  • Strife review today.

1 Response to “Notes for a (fake) Monday morning…”

  1. 1 Michelle May 20, 2008 at 7:10 pm

    I might carpool using Zipcar to/from the show on Saturday. If I do, it will probably be 8 bucks a person, return, from Queen and Gladstone. I can bring four other people. If anyone wants to come: deathbynewwave at gmail

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