Fucked Up/Hard Skin at Wrong Bar

I’ll eventually try and get reviews up a lot closer to the dates that the show actually happens. Not today though.

Almost two weeks ago (fuck, I’m a slacker), UK Oi jokers Hard Skin made a lone Canadian stop in Toronto to play the Wrong Bar with Fucked Up, Brutal Knights and Bad Skin. A lot of people had been anticipating this show for awhile, myself included. When I arrived the line up was unbelievably long. It was a pretty rad sight to see.

That night was also the official (unofficial) release date of the DVD, so I set up shop in the very back of Wrong Bar and camped out there for most of the night, save for a few songs. The venue filled up incredibly fast. I’m pretty sure the show was “sold out” by 10pm, which is pretty remarkable. That said, I guess venue capacity is determined by the amount of washrooms so the place didn’t look packed at all. That, and Pesci was getting people in consistently throughout the night. The lineup hung around until Fucked Up started though.

Now I would sit here and try and review all the bands, but I can’t really give a qualified review of the performances from where I was standing. The sound set up at the venue was not at all favourable to my position either.

Things I did enjoy about the show include:

  • Hard Skin selling out of merch and Fat Bob writing “We are all sold out of merch. Sorry. We are too famous,” on some piece of cardboard.
  • Damian/Fat Bob duet.

  • Getting in the pit for a few songs.
  • Fat Bob saying, “I want to take the time to make it clear that Hard Skin is an anti-fascist band. If there are any nazis here, we’ll fuckin’ kill’em. If there’s any crusties here, we’ll kill them to. It’s fuckin’ disgusting! Take a shower!”

  • Damian asking the crowd how they liked his “dad’s band.

I didn’t really get much from the Brutal Knights set, but they’re usually spot on. Bad Skin, I can’t say much for. The set seemed pretty wild, but I wasn’t really able to pay much attention.

There was a stupid beef after the show (at around 130am) which soured a few peoples’ nights. Otherwise it was great to see this many people file in for what was (or seemed to me to be) a pretty fantastic show. A great way to kick off the summer for sure.

Jess Baumung snapped some great photos of the event. His photos (save for the lineup shot, that’s a Greg original) can be seen in their entirety here.


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