Statues, World War I, Consumer Alert

I’m really trying to get caught up with all these reviews. I’m close. Sorry if it seems like I’m labouring. After this will be the Cheap Tragedies review. Maybe today.

Anyways, about two weeks ago, Cloak Dagger were supposed to play here. They were apparently screwed around by their Canadian booking agent. I heard that they showed up to 3 venues they were supposed to play and were met with no show or an explanation. Hopefully they will get back up here sometime soon and they will actually play Toronto.

Either way, with the rest of the lineup, the show was still pretty awesome.

First up was a young band from Welland called Consumer Alert. I had heard about them because they emailed me as well as the Toxic Mosher about shows. Their tunes were surprisingly good. I was incredibly shocked when I was talking to singer/guitarist Justis and he revealed that they were all still in high school. They played a quick set of their own brand of garage rock meets Fugazi post-punk. It’s always exciting to see a band that young play songs as solid as theirs. If these guys keep at it, they’ll do something.

Following Consumer Alert was World War I. World War I is 2/3 of Halifax-by-way-of-Toronto band Horses plus Steve Musgrave on guitar. Unlike Horses’ Springsteen-oriented rock approach, World War I is post-punk band that is intentionally reminiscent of Hot Snakes. Very groovy and driving. Surprisingly so considering a baritone guitar is providing the low tones instead of a bass. You would have never know it was their first show either. They’re playing again soon with both Red Dons (June 10th) and Lewd Acts (July 1st). Make sure to check them out.

Last up were Statues. Whenever I think about the scene in Sudbury it blows my mind. As an outsider looking into a town that seems so isolated, I can’t believe what a burgeoning community exists there. Of all the quality bands from there, Statues is exceptional. They’ve even developed a bit of a following here and rightfully so. They cram so many 2-minute-ish pop punk songs into their half an hour set, and never does it get boring. The next time they come back, make sure to check them out. They also had 2 new 7″s available at the show which are both worth picking up.

I’d definitely say that what this show lacked in quantity, it made up for in quality. Thanks to everyone who came out.


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