Town of Hardcore + More

I’m sick at home right now so I’m making a post I’ve been meaning to make for the last 4 months…

Earlier this year, Eating Rats Records finally released the TOWN OF HARDCORE zineography. If you’ve never heard of Town of Hardcore but have even the slightest interest in Southern Ontario Hardcore or zines go buy this now before reading any further.

Town of Hardcore was a zine done over three years by Fat Steve, who is the former vocalist of Our War. If you don’t know who Our War is, again, get on that. Pissed-off Straight Edge Hardcore, believe it or not, has existed in Southern Ontario.

I digress. There were 11 issues of Town of Hardcore. Somewhere around 2004 I finally mustered up the courage to get one these and after that, whenever I heard about a new one, grabbing it was the first thing I would do at a show. If you’re a young kid thinking about making a zine, you have to own this. Every band that was popular in that era was interviewed, and he didn’t just ask generic questions. Steve is older and did a zine in the late 80s and some of his older reprints with bands like RAW DEAL are in there. He seems to have attended every show within a days drive during those years and reviews them. And if design is something to talk about, which plenty people think it is, the layout is phenomenal.

If you missed the boat on these when they were stand-alones (that now go for about $20 each on ebay) buy this and educate yourself. If you own the zines, the extra content is also worth the purchase (there’s an old Agnostic Front interview among other things).

On a zine-related note, I’ve picked up three zines between Strife and Ceremony. They are Unlimited Nights and Weekends, Growing Pains and A Buffet of Plagues and Pains. If you haven’t picked these up, do so if you still can. These guys were giving them away for free. Thanks to them for putting something back into the community. The question remains though: when is somebody gonna print one on 11×17? That’s my challenge.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, thank you to everyone who came to the show last night. It was a huge success. All the bands had an incredible time and were paid well.

In the next day or two there’ll be a Cheap Tragedies review as well as the Ceremony review. We also did interviews with Trapped Under Ice and Ceremony which will go up as fast as I can transcribe them.



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