Cheap Tragedies/Omegas/Rah at Pomona House

I find myself quickly learning that the nature of being a hardcore promoter is that some days you have no idea how many people will attend your show. This was especially the case when I found myself trying to find a way out to Burlington last Saturday morning. I was wondering that if it’s so complicated for even the promoter to get there, how easy/desirable can it be for average joe show-goer. That said, the show had a very respectable turnout. Thank you to everyone that made the trek out. Especially Patrick because he biked all the way from downtown Toronto. If you didn’t make the trip, you really missed something…

I got to Burlington around 430 via GO Train, which I caught at the last possible second as the door closed on my arm. I met with Spencer and his friends which were kind enough to cart us around to get the P.A. and some BBQ-ables. As I was leaving the grocery store I received a phone call from Dan who was riding with Omegas:

Dan: Is this a joke?
Me: What?
Dan: The show’s in a mansion?!?

I wouldn’t call Spencer’s house a mansion necessarily, but it is way nicer than any other house that I’ve seen a show in. I was later asked by Omegas crewman, “Nightbus,” where he could throw out his ketchup packets. He thought the show was going to be in a punk squat and was planning to mosh with ketchup packets in his hands.

Anyways… We rolled up to Spencer’s house at around 6 and cleared the place out for the bands. After everything was set for the bands to set up and Spencer’s mom had used the BBQ to make her dinner, we threw on the burgers. This was originally just some stupid idea that I had never thought about. Thankfully it all panned out. We ended up charging $2 for burgers, $1 for cans of pop and at the end of it all we went through almost 56 burgers, made what we spent back and all the bands got to eat as much as they wanted for free. Couldn’t have asked for a better result. Hardcore BBQs rule. Now we just need to get a grill for Siesta Nouveaux.

After burgers we moved inside to watch Rah jam out some tunes. I had caught them earlier in the week when they played at Rancho Relaxo and wasn’t at all opposed to seeing them again. There’s one song they played that has this mosh part that I couldn’t get out of my head for a while. I think it’s called Peace of Mind. I also finally scored one of the last copies of the demo. According to Jesse, it’s a bad idea to label your demo with a year. That whole rant was pretty funny.

Following Rah were (h)Omegas from MTL. These guys are always a riot to see live. Ryan, the front man parties hard before they play and just goes wild. For a minute I thought he was gonna destroy the banister on the stairs by jumping off it. Half way through the set he started bleeding out the back of his head. From what I heard, Spoiler accidentally smacked him in the head with his bass. When I asked Spoiler if he hit him, he said, “I hope so.” Ryan actually bled all over the place. Fortunately Spencer’s mom didn’t give a shit which was absolutely rad. By the time Cheap Tragedies would play, he would be wearing a diaper as a hat. I heard they super-glued his head shut later. They also covered “Boiling Point” and admitted that they got the idea from when they played here with Molested Youth.

Cheap Tragedies set up after Omegas. MTM had sent me their demo about a month before the show. It wasn’t really what I expected for a band that featured Erba from 9 Shocks Terror. It’s some very melodic hardcore with even some youth crew influence. I also was afraid Erba would light Spencer’s house on fire. Spencer said he didn’t care, so I took his attitude to be my own. When the band started to play, I was actually blown away. The songs had way more intensity live. WAY more. Erba was one of the most active and wildest frontmen I have ever seen. He was cracking jokes between every song, had stripped down to his underwear by the end of the set and was hitting on Spencer’s mom the entire time. It was great. At the end of the set he lay half dead and gasping for breath in the middle of the floor as people just stepped over him.

When Cheap Tragedies wrapped up, people remained in Spencer’s house for a bit just hangin’ out and shooting the shit. Before the night would end, Erba and the rest of Cheap Tragedies would be in the backyard shooting off fireworks with Spencer’s mom and Ryan Homega was drinking more beer with a diaper on his head. Good times for sure.

Props to the Beaver for providing a ride back to Toronto, otherwise it would’ve been a shitty ride on the GO.


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