News Update

Here are the new flyers and links to their corresponding Facebook events, if you’re into that. If you’re not into that, I can snail-mail you paper flyers. I’m pretty pumped about all the shows. Don’t sleep on Lewd Acts. Band rules. Same with Forfeit.




I’m really pumped about the Forfeit show because of how many great local acts are playing. Come out and support, drink beer/root beer and BBQ some veggie/non-veggie foods.

Alright. On to the other news. So the last week, in a very non-hardcore related way, has sucked.

Grave Maker and Casting Curses played here with ClassxWar last Thursday. All those bands are worth checking out. Grave Maker is probably going to get huge. You heard it here first. Casting Curses will be back sometime in the near future hopefully and ClassxWar is from Welland, so they’ll hopefully hop on local shows in the coming months.

I missed the Red Dons/The Estranged for personal reasons, but I hear the show was great for the most part.

Obviously the Carrier got all fucked up Thursday night. I ended up checking out Orphan Choir at the Homostupids show. Orphan Choir is a great band, and it’s a shame that NXNE is going on (side note, NXNE is a sad excuse for a music festival) because they deservedly would’ve had a bigger audience. Caught U.T.I. and was impressed by Leah, the frontwoman. If there are people out there who have their ill-conceived notions about female front women, she’ll probably change their mind. That’s a furious growl.

Also, I missed Strike Anywhere on Thursday but I heard they were good as well. I like the band in theory, however, I find their execution boring sometimes.

Monday is DIE YOUNG. They are playing at 159 AUGUSTA now. I will send out messages to harass you about it soon.


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