Life Keeps Happening

Yo what’s up.

Here’s what’s in the news:

  • Scott’s been working on 10 questions with LEWD ACTS that’ll be up soon. They’re here July 1st with NO HARM DONE, OFFSIDES, U.T.I. and WORLD WAR I.
  • CROSSROAD dropped an unmastered version of their song “The Big Smoke”.
  • FORFEIT dropped a new song called “Cease to Exist”. You’re moshing.
  • CROSSROAD and FORFEIT are playing with RAH (record release), EATING GLASS and RED INSIDE on July 5th. Again, you’re moshing.
  • Toxic Mosher Smith is working on an interview with COPTIC TIMES (ex-Iron Age) that we’ll post up here. Check that band out. New 7″ on Youngblood.
  • Canice Leung did a little write-up on the importance/relevance of hardcore photography. It will be posted shortly.
  • We have some big shit in the works.
  • Come out and check out everything that’s comin’ up. Summer is gonna be awesome.
  • Did I say anything about VIOLATION and WAR HUNGRY on August 11th yet?

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