Hardcore is Never Organized

In case you haven’t caught on yet, sometimes bands can’t cross borders, cancel tours, break up or find other reasons to bum us out. That’s life.

Anyways, here’s the bad news in regards to the things that have changed over the last week:

  • Bitter End dropped of the Shipwreck show. They will be replaced by a local act to be named in the next couple of days.
  • Meltdown is no longer coming with New Lows. They are being replaced by Swamp Thing from Richmond.
  • Both locals, Nail Splitter and Hard Nights, have dropped off the New Lows show. Talk about a cluster fuck. They will both be replaced by local acts to be named in the next few days. None of this matters because New Lows are awesome and are worth seeing if it was just a one band show.
  • Battlecat has broken up and will no longer be playing the H2O show. No band will fill that spot.

In better news:

  • Offsides and No Harm Done had some serious tour troubles and are spending more time in Ontario than expected. They’re gonna come down on the 5th and bust out a few quick jams for the crowd. If you missed’em or enjoyed’em yesterday, be sure to come out.
  • King of Kings are gonna open up the Reign Supreme show on August 15th.

So yeah, if you’re a local act looking to jam, get at me ASAP.

Also, I’ll throw up a Lewd Acts review in the next few days. The show last night was pretty rad. Thanks to the folks that came out.  They’ll be back in a few months is what I hear…


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