A Serious Lack of Genuine Content

Yo. Sorry for sucking over the last two weeks as far as content goes. This will be the last “news update” post for a bit as we’ve cooked up some good shit over the last week.

  • NEW LOWS on Thursday. Come out.
  • THE FITZPATRICK INCIDENT have jumped on the SHIPWRECK show on the 17th.
  • Did an interview with FORFEIT when they were here on Saturday. I think it’s gonna be a pretty good read. We’ll see how it transfers.
  • Our friend D’arcy did an interview with Charles and Danielle from OFFSIDES that you’ll see soon.
  • THE JUGGERNAUT did an interview with NO HARM DONE. I’m sure it will be a laugh-riot.
  • I’m going to work on reviews of both the LEWD ACTS and FORFEIT shows that will hopefully go up this week. That said, they will probably be ill-informed as it’s tricky to give a substantial review when you’re constantly in and out during bands.
  • There are some really rad photos kicking around of both those shows that I’ll post with the reviews.

That’s all for now. Real posts soon. Buy the Rah 7″.


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