Lewd Acts, No Harm Done, Offsides, World War I, U.T.I. on July 1st

On Canada Day, we held a jam down at Siesta Nouveaux featuring Lewd Acts, No Harm Done, Offsides plus locals World War I and U.T.I. I was hung up for a bit, but made it down to the venue in time to sort a few things out before the doors opened.

U.T.I. played first and did their thing. This band is very tight and have a lot of groove. Leah’s voice is incredibly abrasive. They have copies of their demo floating around and it’s worth picking up. I know Hits and Misses had some. I snagged a few photos but, as usual, none turned out great.

After U.T.I. was World War I. The last time I had saw them was at the Statues show back in May despite the fact that they’ve been playing out a lot. They’ve tightened up a lot as a result. I don’t think they’ve actually released a demo yet, but there are some songs up on their myspace for download. They are a Toronto band for fans of Hot Snakes et al. Get into them.

Following WWI was Offsides. I hadn’t really listened to Offsides too much, but they’ve got the Youth Crew thing down pretty good. They opened up with an In My Eyes cover and blasted through a bunch of songs. It’s rare that you see a female vocalist in a Youth Crew band, but Danielle definitely put lots of frontmen to shame with the amount of energy she put in. She wasn’t hesitating to jump off anything in site. They wrapped up the set with a cover of “Let it Ride” that kids seemed to enjoy.

When Offsides finished, No Harm Done took the floor. No Harm Done is actually 3/5 Offsides, but the music is much different. From what I understand, Charles from both bands does most of the songwriting which is by no means an easy task. I personally am into the No Harm Done stuff a bit more. They do some pop-hardcore in the vein of Lifetime and the Movielife. They opened up with a later-era Bouncing Souls cover and blasted through some newer stuff. They have a new record coming out on Think Fast! this summer that will definitely be on my list of things to check out. Check out the song “I Decline” on their myspace right now. It rules. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take photos of either band. If you grabbed any, please let me know.

Lewd Acts followed No Harm Done. I had no idea what to expect from these guys. I had heard their sets we’re generally insane. Frankly they didn’t disappoint. They tore through tunes. It honestly felt that their set was about 10 minutes long. It appeared that Jake, the bass player, hated Tyler, the singer. They took a few funny shots at each other. The whole set was wild and chaotic. By the end, Tyler was covered in blood and dirt that he soaked up from the floor. Look out for these guys coming back sometime in the fall. They just put out a new split with Hour of the Wold that you’ll be able to snag from the Hits and Misstro.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Afterwards, a bunch of us hit up what Scott proclaims is, “the Sneaky Dee’s of the east,” Betty’s. I don’t know if I agree, but it was a hilarious night of arm wrestling and beer.


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