Stuck in the Hoibak

Pictured above in homemade pumpkin costume.

Forged on the hard streets of Oakville comes the Juggernaut, Erik Hoibak. He’s the fourth member of the SITC crew, despite the fact that the city he is stuck in is Sudbury. He has somewhat of a legacy when it comes to promoting shows in Southern Ontario. That legacy is not having Cold World bail every time he tries to book them. He’s been booking shows for about 10 years and has been responsible for bringing us Cro Mags, Buried Alive, Converge, Terror,  Strife, Bane, Comeback Kid, Champion and Mental among many others. He also has sang in such mythical bands as H.O.I.B.A.K. and The Hoi-Mags.

The first time I met Hoibak was at a Walls of Jericho show. Since then, we have been friends for life. He constantly reminds me that he quit his job to eat dinner with me that night. As of right now, he’s probably in his apartment in Sudbury, with his bottle of maple syrup, trying to figure out how he can get Merauder, Ringworm, Death Threat and an Aaron Melnick/Dwid Integrity set to happen on one show. For all we know, that’s all he ever thinks about.

“Yo, be like, Hoibak is actually the second member of Stuck in the City, I’ve just been too lazy to make the post.” – Erik Hoibak

As I read this to Hoibak over the phone, he pulled over and saved a porcupine from getting hit by oncoming traffic. This is not a joke.


2 Responses to “Stuck in the Hoibak”

  1. 1 pat July 10, 2008 at 3:01 am

    this is the best post on stuck in the city yet.

  2. 2 canice July 11, 2008 at 10:53 am

    quality post. sitc needs more like these.

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