Summer of Stuck In The City Show Review

Saturday, July 5th was the Summer of Stuck in the City kick-off party. The show was originally billed as Forfeit, Rah, Eating Glass, Crossroad and Red Inside. Because some of their tour got a bit messed, the folks in Offsides and No Harm Done stuck around and hopped on the show as well. It was also Rah’s record release show for “Intelligent Design”. Frankly, the show couldn’t have gone any better except for maybe the shitty BBQ. All the photos here were taken by the Toxic Mosher, except the crowd shot. That was Demarco. Toxic Mosher walked in a little late for Crossroad and couldn’t get a good vantage point, but I hear Canice took some photos of their set, so I’ll post them when they’re available.

After a bit of running around to secure the BBQables shit got underway with Red Inside opening up the show. Because of all the commotion, I didn’t get to watch too much of their set, but what I did I enjoyed. Lots of people have been saying they remind them of the Suicide File. Maybe a song or two. Maybe. They’ve got their demo up for download on their myspace. Get on it.

Following Red Inside was the tandem of Offsides and No Harm Done. I was glad to be able to have these guys back. Both bands were enjoyable and they got to play to a much bigger crowd this time around. I am pretty excited for that new No Harm Done record, especially after seeing them live and hangin’ with them for a bit. It’ll be out on Think Fast in August.

After those two bands did their thing, Eating Glass took the stage. This band keeps getting tighter and their performances are getting better as a result. I would give this a review, but at this point I can’t say much about it because the performance a few days later at the New Lows show was even better. Either way, if you’re still sleeping on this band, wake up. We are all still wondering when that 7″ is gonna drop.

Crossroad went on after Eating Glass. This was their second show. Again they were tight and Ben was noodling like crazy. Dude can totally wail. Kids were moving around as well. It will be interesting to see how the crowd will react when the songs get out there to kids because they are, in songwriting, much more of a metal band. Their performance seems to be pretty on point, which makes sense because they do have the experience. Hopefully they will start to play a bit more frequently once their record drops. It will be cool to see what direction they go in.

Rah played after Crossroad. That night was the record release for their new 7″ “Intelligent Design”. It is awesome that these guys have gone on to do this. I hope everyone out there grabs the record and supports these guys. Their performance was great as well. Lots of kids were moving around and seemed to be very into it. Hopefully they keep playing often and kids buy up all those records. And that song “Peace of Mind” is the jam.

Forfeit went on after Rah and it didn’t seem to faze them that the room had thinned out a little bit. I had spent a small portion of the night outside hangin’ with Ben, their drummer. He was takin’ care of the BBQ and makin’ things happen. It was rad to have a band roll through and be stoked about hanging out with whoever was around. Their set, by the way, was awesome. They’re a heavy band without sounding tough. I would definitely say the Visions 7″ is up there with Stay Cold this year. Either way, they pounded through their set and were very energetic on stage. Definitely want to get them back up here again soon.

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to kick off the summer with us. It was definitely one of the best shows we’ve done and it was great to see all those people out for what amounted to mostly a locals only show. Maybe we’ll be doin more of that in the fall…


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