New Lows in Toronto

New Lows played Toronto on July 10th. This show, before it happened, was a total clusterfuck. Between the moment I announced it and the time of the actual show, 3 local bands and 2 touring bands had been both announced and then unable to play. The eventual line-up on the day of the show was supposed to be New Lows, Eating Glass, King of Kings and Come Clean. I was informed that King of Kings dropped the show about 30 minutes before load-in. Fortunately, the Molested Youth kids were in the building and the members of Eating Glass were willing to lend some gear so that they could jam out a 4 song set. Another notable thing is that, before the show, the ice cream man stopped by. Anyways, onto a review.

Come Clean opened up the show. This was the first show for these guys and I’d say, for a first show, it went pretty well. They play some slower-paced melodic hardcore and feature members of World War I and Horses doing something quite different from those other bands. It’s my guess, that when new on this band spreads around, lots of kids will dig what they are doing. For a better idea of what they sound like, check out their myspace. They’re gonna play with Ceremony on August 17th, so you can catch them live again there.

After Come Clean, I asked the Molested Youth guys if they wanted to play a few songs and surprisingly it worked out. These kids are awesome. They have a very genuine vibe about them, which I can’t necessarily say about a lot of bands that are close to their age. Also, their sound differs them from the pack. They just put out a demo tape that you can grab from them or from Hits and Misses (soon). Be sure to check them out when you get the chance.

Eating Glass followed Molested Youth. They had played on the 5th but, after talking with some of the band members, we figured it would be a good idea for them to play anyways. I still think their one of the best up and coming bands in the city. Their set was even more wild than Saturday, despite the room being significantly less full. About half way through, Jose smashed his head off of one of the pillars in the room and started bleeding significantly. Lin, the venue’s owner, kind of freaked out over it initially but Jose calmed her down and continued playing. In the spirit of the mayhem, they even did a Haymaker cover. It was definitely one of the best sets I’ve seen them play and apparently their 7″ is coming out sooner than they thought. Keep your eyes open.

New Lows went on after Eating Glass. I was definitely glad that, despite all the bullshit that went on with this tour and this show, these guys still made the trek up here to play. The new 7″ is gonna kill and I can’t wait to get my copy. They opened with “Hatchethead” and played a set that covered both the demo and what I would guess are songs off the new 7″. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Jason from Eating Glass sang part of one of the songs for some reason as well. Save for a couple recurring technical issues, their set was great. They seemed to be real happy with how the show went as well. Be on the look out for an interview with P-Boy of New Lows in the next week or so.

Again, major thanks to everyone who came out and the bands who came together last minute to play the show. Oh, and the good photos were taken by Rick Smith. The great photos were taken by Andrew Schoenrock.


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