New Lows Interview

New Lows played here back on July 10th. The show, despite all the issues with bands dropping off and not showing up, was awesome. Shortly after they left Toronto, they hooked up with Deathwish Inc. who will be putting out their next release. The recently had to cut their U.S. tour, which turned out to be the tour from hell, short so hopefully we’ll see them back up here sooner than later. Be sure to check out their latest 7″ on Lockin Out. It’s an awesome slab of vinyl. Vik conducted this interview after the show on the 10th just outside the venue. Photos by Andrew Schoenrock.

SITC: Alright, so first of all, what are The New Lows, or is it New Lows? First of all, clear that up.
Pboy: It’s New Lows. There’s no ‘the’ in front of it. I’m more maybe into the “The” but I mean, there’s no “the”, just New Lows.

SITC: So, who are you guys?

Pboy: We’re a five piece rock outfit from the Boston, Massachusetts area of the America area of the globe. I sing, I’m Pboy. Sean Bredberg plays guitar. Doug Cho plays another guitar, making two guitars, or twelve strings. And Jo Kelly, who is not here at the moment plays bass and Mark, who also is not here at the moment plays drums. We have DFJ filling in for us, for a few string of dates.
SITC: How long?
Pboy: For about six shows, Mark is going to meet up with us in Washington.
SITC: So a four piece tonight?
Pboy: We’re a four piece tonight. Funky four plus no more.
SITC: Four’s always a great number,
Pboy: Four’s great.
SITC: So I mean, this band stemmed out from a lot of other bands…
Pboy: There’s some stems involved, yeah. To get these leaves growing.

SITC: When did you guys first form?

Pboy: I met Sean, who was in Think I Care at the time, I met Sean at Posi Numbers 2005, I think officially. We actually met in the woods, which is kind of odd but it happens. And we just kinda talked about jamming and then we didn’t talk for a little while, I saw him about a year later when Think I Care was about to wind down. Me and him and Mark, who was the other person we knew, he played in a band called Downhill Fast before, we just set up a loose jam spot for about a month. It was just the three of us jamming on songs. We got Jo Kelly, who used to be in So Be It and also Machete, the forgotten classic. Jo Kelly came in to play bass. We played our first show with Blacklisted, we had 3 or 4 songs or something like that. We didn’t think it sounded heavy enough, so we brought in Doug Cho. Doug used to be in The Prowl and he also used to Bottom Line NYC. So yeah, that’s us at this given moment. Not here at this very moment, we’re a four piece.
SITC: Well let me clear this up, how come they couldn’t come this trip?
Pboy: Mark had a previous engagement that was booked long before we did this tour, it was a wedding for his best friend. We don’t really think Canada was too hip for Jo’s jive so we’re going to meet him in Buffalo tonight and go on to Michigan.
SITC: Sorry back to the other question, so this was in 2006 you first started jamming?
Pboy: Yeah, it was probably like late summer 2006, right before Think I Care’s last official show.
SITC: You guys are relatively new. The demo came out in 2007…
Pboy: Yeah, the demo came out early spring 2007.
SITC: So yeah, for a relatively new band, you’ve played really big shows. I went down for the Lockin’ Out fest, the first…one of Wrong Side reunion shows.
Pboy: Oh yeah one of those things. Yeah.

SITC: You guys played that big skatepark show at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge with Converge and 108. Do you have a favourite show so far?

Pboy: That Converge show was one of the best, kind of a favourite so far I think collectively because it was good, first really good turnout. And obviously it was a great show, Trash Talk played too. Converge obviously and it was for a good cause and everything so it was a well rounded packaged deal. We liked that. There was also this nutty show we played in Chattanooga last year, kids were going berserk, got all bloody and bodily and messy but yeah that was really cool. We like them all. We don’t discriminate. And Toronto too, that was our favourite show ever. This [interview] was done after the show haha.

SITC: Is this your first time in Canada?

Pboy: Yeah it is our first time, first time as a band. I’ve never been…wait, I was here when I was a kid. Or an “enfant”. I believe…Is that? But I guess we’re not in French speaking Canada.
SITC: So yeah, this your third day in Canada?
Pboy: Third day.
SITC: So how do you like it so far?
Pboy: I love it, it’s been great. We all love it. Everyone’s taken care of us and yeah, the scenery and everything, I dig it.
SITC: Was Québec hard getting around? Do you guys know any French?
Pboy: No, very little. I know “bon soir”, and I know “bonjour”, “merci”. That’s all I kind of I know.
SITC: So how was Chicoutimi because that’s a notoriously hardcore French town?
Pboy: It was great. There were a few kids who spoke pretty good English. Is it good English, or well English? I don’t want to sound like I’m not even… they spoke well, you can say that, they spoke well.
SITC: Would you come back?
Pboy: Oh yeah I would go back, in a heartbeat. Well I mean a lot of heartbeats later. It was pretty fun, I’ve never been that far North, it was really cool.

SITC: You guys were supposed to tour with Meltdown, and they suddenly dropped off I think about a week ago…

Pboy: Nah, I think they’re going to show up in like three minutes…
SITC: Oh really?
Pboy: Nah probably not haha…
SITC: Do you know why they had to drop off?
Pboy: The word I got last was that they have a new record they needed to record for, so they needed to put the finish touches, they just didn’t have the time to tour and to do that at the same time.

SITC: Alright, as a touring band, what are you thoughts on the high gas prices these days? Is that gonna affect you in the long run like you won’t be able to do a huge tour and will have to kind of restrict yourselves to areas or…

Pboy: Um… well if it keeps going up it definitely will. It’s definitely… it’s way too high as it is. But with that said the people who come out to the shows kind of see that. I think as long as people have been treating…In Canada in general, everything they can give. I think.. pretty much… we’re getting taken care of. You don’t need to go on tour every month.
SITC: So it’s not gonna affect you at all? Say you wanted to do Boston all the way to the west coast and around and all…
Pboy: That’s what we’re doin this time out. We’re out for a full month. That said you won’t see us up here again immediately.
SITC: So I guess you’re goin out west for the big fest, Sound and Fury?
Pboy: Yeah We’re playing Sound and Fury up there too… we’re playing a bunch of shows down the coast of Cali. So I mean… just back to that question too… after we’re done with this whole tour we’ll have a gauge of what gas is gonna be like. Who knows what’ll happen a month from now too…

SITC: Alright, also, finally, as a band, what are your thoughts on the internet right now? I mean, as far as exposure or lack of… I guess maybe your record leaks and kids don’t want to buy it anymore. Is it a positive or negative thing in your mind?

Pboy: There’s always… You always gotta google something I guess. That’s what it’s there for. I don’t think it’s an entirely bad thing. I think there’s a good and evil to it. Though, you know, the whole business with records leaking all the time it’s kind of a drag. It’s cool for kids to be able hear music. I definitely remember you know, going to a record store and picking up a record. Kids I guess today, don’t really know that feeling.
SITC: Well there’s some kids that still do that…
Pboy: Yeah, but I have an iPod obviously but you’re definitely looking to adapt at the same time maybe finding a compromise. Hopefully kids are still into buying… with that said I don’t even think our record leaked. I don’t know how it didn’t, but it hasn’t leaked. And we don’t even have it though. It hasn’t even leaked to us. That’s how good it is, nobody has it in their hands. It’s not off. It was held up in Czechoslovakia for a while… i think there was a problem with the pressing. Something about the pressing. Not really a new or unique story.
SITC: That’s on Lockin’ Out right?
Pboy: On Lockin’ Out, yeah.
SITC: Is that your only release for Lockin’ Out or are you gonna…
Pboy: Yeah that’s it. Just a 7″ so far and we have a demo through another…
SITC: No, I meant are you gonna do a future release with Lockin’ Out…
Pboy: Oh, uh. I dunno. We’re gonna come back and after we come back we’re gonna probably record a couple of the new songs.
SITC: Okay, so you have new songs and you’re planning to record… I meant to hit this up earlier, and totally forgot…
Pboy: Nah, it’s fine.
SITC: Okay.
Pboy: We remembered at least, you know.
SITC: We brought it back… segued back into it.
Pboy: Yeah of course.

SITC: So how’d you hook up with Lockin Out? Cause I mean, traditionally, your band doesn’t really sound like what they usually put out.

I dunno. Greg… Greg changes with the world. I think… I think Greg just saw a certain something in us… or he probably just felt really bad for us. Probably just wanted to help us out. Nah. We’ve known Greg for, you know, a few years and we’re all pretty good friends with him. Sean and Jo and all them especially back in the Mental days, like way back. I mean I’ve known him for a pretty good long time too. I think we all really tightened up and started hangin’ out within the last couple years and he was just siked to do it… He’s really… He’s really been siked to do it. He’s been taking care of us just gettin’ the records out. Somethings happen but I mean he’s like… his heart is 100% in it. And he’s also… as a shoutout, doing the RIVAL MOB 7″. The RIVAL MOB, that’s gonna be the greatest record. Awesome.
SITC: So Rival Mob… is that just Downhill Fast with uh…
Pboy: Nah… there’s no Downhill Fast members in that band…
SITC: Oh I’m thinking of another band…Lovely Lads, that what I meant to say.
Pboy: Lovely Lads, yeah. It’s basically the uh, Lovely Lads uh… minus one or two members but basically just… playing a different genre of uh… you know.
SITC: So look out for that?
Pboy: Oh yeah. Look out for it.
SITC: So it’s gonna be on Lockin’ Out?
Pboy: yeah. It’s gonna be great. Yeah.

SITC: So I guess you can tell me… differences between the 7″ and the demo… are there gonna be a lot? Is it gonna be a shock to people when they listen to it?

Pboy: Oh. It’s not gonna sound the same… It’s a bit more, you know, it’s a bit more stepped up but, with that said I still think the songs are still pretty…
SITC: You still grunt?
Pboy: Excuse me?
SITC: You still lay some grunts down?
Pboy: Oh there’s some grunts. No, I was grunting left and right. I mean that’s what I… I don’t even have a voice. I can’t stop grunting. It’s an addiction. It’s very weird…. Yeah, it’s a bit more stepped up but I mean… I felt… I really liked the sound of the demo. I loved it when I heard it so… but it’s obviously kind of weird to hear your band sound a little bit better but… It sounds awes… I’m really into it.. . I mean as much as I can be. I’m usually pretty critical of anything I’m putting out… but I’m comfortable enough to put it out. Put it that way.
SITC: Still singing and songwriting?
Pboy: Uh, I haven’t sung and songwrote in a… in a little while but it’s not something I’ve given up. There’s a rumour I might do it again in like a month. Before I move to New York.
SITC: Oh, you’re moving to New York?
Pboy: Yeah.
SITC: First time moving out of Boston?
Pboy: Yeah basically. Yeah. It’s kind of like Home Alone 4 or something. I still look young so I can pull it off like that I think.

SITC: Okay… What’s your favourite tea?

Pboy: My favourite tea?
SITC: Well right now, or all time…
Pboy: I just had a nice chai tea at the second cup. That was pretty nice. I was into it.
SITC: Yeah Second Cup’s like our Starbucks here. We still ahve Starbucks but…
Pboy: Well no. I went to Starbucks and they got my order wrong. I got like another type of Chai and it was like 5 bucks. Then I went to the Second Cup and it was like a buck fifty. So, I liked that one a bit better and it tastes nice too.

SITC: Okay. What’s your favourite Boston Hardcore show you’ve been to or been a part of?

Pboy: oh… um… I dunno. I think probably INTEGRITY at the Chopping Block. That’s usually the first one that jumps out at me. It’s just this uh, little dive bar in uh… It’s not there anymore. It was in Mission Hill, the neighbourhood I grew up in and uh… tiny, tiny… it has a a Cheers, the tv show, square style bar but I mean, it fits maybe 75 just degenerate local drinkers in there usually, but it was a hardcore show.
SITC: So how many people were there for that show?
Pboy: People got turned away. I swear I saw like, Wes and Sweet Pete moshing out in the street. I mean… dudes were literally moshing in the street. It was insane. There was like a capacity of like… I don’t know… Dudes were jumping of the bar, literally one foot into someone else because there was just no room. It was hilarious… They agreed… some show got cancelled and uh… they officially decided to play it like 6 hours before. But I mean… me and another dude just made a bunch of flyers and brought’em down and started flyering, you know, running around. Of course nobody believes INTEGRITY is playing the Chopping Block, like “it’s not happening.” But it did and it was a really cool show.
SITC: So when was this?
Pboy: This was uhhh, around this time of year… it was July 2003, I think.

SITC: What are your favourite records to come out in the last 18 months?

Pboy: In the last 18?
SITC: Yeah so like, all of 2007 and up to now in 2008?
Pboy: Um, you know, one of the only records I was listening to constantly in 2007 was MIND ERASER’s “Glacial Reign”. That’s really the kind of like… That’s just one of my favourite records in probably last 5 years. It’ll probably go beyond that… uh… I’d probably say that, and the RIVAL MOB demo of course and uh, DEAD BLACK and uh, TRASH TALK was great too. Obviously. I’m still waiting to hear uh.. I heard a couple of the songs actually, I didn’t hear the whole record but I’m waiting to hear their new record drop too. And uh… I can’t think off the top of my head. But I mean…
SITC: Well you did give me 3 answers, 4 answers…
Pboy: How about that…

SITC: What’s your favourite era of hardcore?

Um… I dunno. It probably depends on the day… I could probably give an answer, but the cheesy generic answer I’d probably just say today because I’m existing. I’m here. Here I am. You know.

SITC: What’s your favourite Boston sports franchise?

I don’t care
SITC: You don’t care about sports?
Pboy: I… they’re fun, you know. That’s about it. Sports are fun.

SITC: Favourite beer?

Pboy: Favourite beer… uh… I’m a Dogfish Head man as of late. You can’t go wrong.
SITC: I don’t think we have that up here.
Pboy: Oh it’s very good. I think they make it down in Maryland. It’s really really good. They actually have a great line of beers.

SITC:And um… What was your favourite Wrong Side reunion/last show?
Pboy: Oh I mean… Can I say all of them? Cause can you ever get tired of the Wrong Side just getting out of the grave over and over again. I mean to go back… it’s like we’ve watched Friday the 13th… like the first 8 of them…. maybe there was one in space… I didn’t see the space one so maybe if the Wrong Side reunited in space I’d probably miss it. But beyond that, all the ones that were good. Especially when Morgado was on mushrooms in Chattanooga. That was hilarious. And he’s still straight edge. I dunno. Talk to him about it.

SITC: Maybe I will. So any last words and shoutouts?

Pboy: How about a shout out to you cause you’re makin it happen, this is why we’re… you’re the interviewee so I mean shoutout…
SITC: What is it weird being interviewed by someone cause I …
Pboy: No. Not at all…
SITC: You do interviews all the time now.
Pboy: Oh I don’t do’em all the time. I’m no Milton Berle… whoever the hell that is. Um… no its not weird at all… It’s uh…
SITC: A nice change?
Pboy: You deserved a shoutout. You’re making it happen. You’re the one taking the initiative to do the interview.
SITC: Thank you.
Pboy: Shoutouts to Canada in general. I’m loving it up here. And uh… Shoutouts to Sartre. I guess… that’s about it.
SITC: Okay…Sartre.
Pboy: Sartre should get a shoutout. Yeah…
SITC: It works, it works. Jarrod, you got any shoutouts? (Silence) Alright, that’s it.


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