News & Notes, August 6th

  • H2O was a huge success. Thanks go out to everyone who came out and supported.
  • Violation has dropped off the WAR HUNGRY show next Monday. SWAMP THING is replacing them. For real this time. Check out the sweet new flyer above.
  • THE FIRST STEP just announced that they are doing a last show. I’m presently wondering if I can get to Pennsylvania before they play if I leave Toronto at 2:30.
  • LIVING HELL dropped off of the REIGN SUPREME show.
  • BORED STIFF is a new band from Toronto. Check them out.
  • Our friends at SIZE ‘EM UP did an interview with GLUE, who are playing with REIGN SUPREME and THE CARRIER next FRIDAY. Check it out HERE. GLUE is ex-THINK I CARE/ATTITUDE in case you didn’t know.
  • I saw NINE INCH NAILS last night. It was awesome but they didn’t play as much stuff off of “The Fragile” as I would have liked.
  • Last week’s FULLBLAST reunion/last show was great. Everything I could have asked for. I’m not sure if I’ll write a full review, but in the meantime you can check out some incredible photos that our friend Andrew shot, RIGHT HERE.
  • I don’t know if there are many EATING GLASS cassettes left, but they did give a few to Pete from Hits and Misses, so you might be able to score one there.
  • FUCKED UP are opening up for the gearless STOOGES tonight. The interesting thing about this is that at least 2 of their members are in Europe right now. Count yourself lucky if you have tickets.

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