News and Notes for August 15th

  • Reign Supreme, The Carrier, Glue, King of Kings. Tonight at Siesta Nouveaux. Hope to see you there. I hope you’ve checked out GLUE.
  • The rumours are true. Ceremony did not get into Canada. We promise that we’re gonna do what we can to try and sort through the bureaucratic bullshit and eventually get Ceremony and Blacklisted back here, but for now be thankful that they evaded the border the last time.
  • THE SHOW SUNDAY IS STILL HAPPENING… and it really bums me out that at least 50% of the kids that were going to come won’t come see some great locals play. And check out REGIMENT. Newfoundland straight edge!
  • You can stream the new NO HARM DONE record right HERE. Band rules, and will be back September 13th. For fans of Lifetime/The Movielife.
  • Locals HAZARDOUS WASTE just put out a 7″ on NERVE HOLD. Get on it. Don’t just say you support local hardcore…actually support it. Their record release is next Friday at Siesta.
  • Yes, we’re doing a TRAP THEM show.
  • Yes, we’re also doing a MONGOLOIDS/TRUE COLORS show.
  • Yes, a bunch of bands have asked us to play both already. Sorry if we can’t fit you on the bill but we’ll try and get you on one soon.
  • I already have a great costume idea for the Fucked Up Weekend. However, I usually get too lazy to come up with anything. Two years ago all I had to do was wear a santa hat and take my shirt off. Last year I wrapped myself in cobwebs  and plastic spiders and went as “halloween”. This year will be different.
  • Did you hear about our TERROR AFTER PARTY yet? CROSSROAD is gonna play and they’ll be some wicked special guests. 5 minute walk from the reverb and only 5 bones. You’d be stupid to miss it.
  • I’m gonna seriously try and write that H2O review today. I will also transcribe the Shipwreck interview soon.
  • Anyone want to go to This is Hardcore?

2 Responses to “News and Notes for August 15th”

  1. 1 Peter August 16, 2008 at 4:15 am

    What time are Regiment playing? I have to work, but definitely want to try and catch them if at all possible.

  2. 2 Tyler August 16, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Great to see True Colors coming through, can’t wait to see them!

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