UB & Friends at SN

How’s this for proactive? I’m going to review yesterday’s show the day after it happened. It’s a monumental day. (EDIT: I didn’t finish it the same day. Guess I’m all talk.) All other reviews will happen in a non-sequential, reverse order. Also, I don’t have any photos from this show and didn’t see any familiar faces with cameras. Use your imagination.

Anyways, despite the fact that Ceremony didn’t make it across the border, we had a great crowd out for a Sunday afternoon. Huge thanks go out to all the young kids that know that supporting your local scene means more than coming out to see the biggest hardcore bands when they roll through. Also, thanks go out to all the Regs that made it out for Beav’s pre-game warm-up. Now on to the review.

Come Clean opened up the show with some melodic hardcore. The music is reminiscent of early to mid-nineties melodic hardcore and not the octave laden stuff of the early 2000s. I can’t exactly remember who it is they remind me of musically, maybe a little bit of Mouthpiece but not really. Later comparisons can kind of be made to Go It Alone, but Payson’s vocals are much more abrasive. Either way, they’ve added, or returned to, a two guitar setup since the last time I saw them, allowing leads to be recognizable. It’ll be cool to watch these guys progress. Personally, I’d like to see Payson involve the crowd a bit more. I’m sure we’ll see it soon enough now that they have a demo CD out. Catch these guys next at the Mongoloids/True Colors show.

Red Inside followed Come Clean. They have significantly improved since the last time they played here back at the beginning of the summer. Some of their songs have a little bit of groove to them where as others are straight-forward thrashers, polished and to the point. I personally like the latter tunes a lot. Again, another local (Kitchener/London) band that will be cool to watch grow.

Regiment from Newfoundland performed after Red Inside. It seriously impressed me that these dudes didn’t hesitate to tour out from NFLD. That is a lot of driving with only a few shows. Regardless these guys had some songs I enjoyed and other stuff that I didn’t. There was a song or two that sounded like Stop & Think, which is a good thing but there wasn’t a ton that stood out. However, they did cover “What Remains,” the best, and maybe only above average, Mouthpiece track. No one showed any interest though. More bands should do covers.

Urban Blight would close out the show. They hadn’t played since April but they somehow managed to be pretty tight. The new stuff sounds great and I personally can’t wait to hear the new record. I think it was supposed to be an LP but might be so short that it has to be a 7″. The new stuff is seriously fast. It was so fast that Beav couldn’t keep up with the vocal delivery. Either way, it seems like it’ll be a solid record. Stage banter highlights include Beav disapproving of last week’s “NFL in Toronto” game and claims that the list on the wall at Hits and Misses will not dictate the title of the new record. If you’re one of the kids that ditched out because Ceremony cancelled and you don’t know who Urban Blight is, you should do some homework. I hear they’ll be playing one of the after parties for the Fucked Up Weekend this year.

After the show, many hustled down to Coronation Park for Regs playoff game #1. Unfortunately, we came out on the wrong end of a 25-17 score. Next weekend we will finish of the season with a banger though. Maybe this time I’ll catch the ball.


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