The Last Few Days

I was biking through the market on Wednesday night and came across a Come Clean show. After limited deliberation on the subject it was decided that they sound very little like Mouthpiece. Lachie hit it on the head saying they sound like (early) TAKEN. If you’re keeping track, that means they are good.

Yesterday night, I stuffed myself in the HA4TLD space upstairs at Siesta Nouveaux to catch School Jerks and The Endless Blockade. Shows in that room rule. There may have been 30 people there but it always feels so claustrophobic. It’s awesome. Also, both the bands ruled. Get the School Jerks demo and the new The Endless Blockade LP. There were some people snapping photos and if I come across them I’ll link.

Over the weekend I’m really going to try and complete that H2O review and transcribe the month old Shipwreck interview while jamming tons of ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. Apparently Hoibak did an interview with Aram of React Records/The First Step/Champion etc etc… I’ll believe it when I see it.

Oh and you’re an idiot if you miss the Fucked Up Weekend this year. That’s a serious statement.


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