Terror/Trapped Under Ice & The After Party

On Friday night, Terror rolled through town on their huge summer tour. They hadn’t played a hardcore show in Toronto proper for awhile so I was pretty pumped to see them play. We also set up an after party with Crossroad and some special guests. If you were there, you now know that Trapped Under Ice played. It was a wild night.

I got off work a little late and had to hustle to print off some flyers and get over to the show. I barely had any time to stop at home. I made it just in time to set down my bag before Trapped Under Ice started. The venue was only about a third full and it made the place feel super empty, so the vibe was bit awkward but TUI still held up. “Stay Cold” is still my favourite 7″ this year and it was great to see them play again so soon, this time with better sound. They played the track “Gemini” off their new split with Dirty Money and it’s a banger but they did not play “Street Lights”, which is probably my favourite track off the 7″. That’s definitely my only complaint.

After TUI played I got the fuck out of there. There was no way in hell I would subject myself to CDC or the Warriors. Death Before Dishonor held the slot between them and I’m not really into them that much so they were also skipped. Instead, I met up with my girlfriend and had some fish and chips, which was awesome.

When dinner was finished, I biked up to Teranga to wait for Crossroad and set up the show. When that was all said and done, I sped back to the Reverb to catch Terror’s set. Unfortunately, they started a bit ahead of schedule and I got there a few songs in. Frankly, I seriously enjoy Terror. They are definitely the hardest working band in hardcore and I think they only ever stop touring to write records. I’ve seen them countless times now and they’ve always been pretty awesome. Crowd participation is almost always top notch too. That said, Friday’s performance was probably the least enjoyable time I’ve seen them. I got there half way into “Push it Away” which was a bit of a bummer and they otherwise didn’t play much else of “Lowest of the Low,” save for “Keep Your Mouth Shut”. They did play “Betrayer” though, which is easily my favourite song off the newest record. Not many people were stage-diving and the crowd was thin up front, but I guess that’s just how it goes. I’d still go see this band regardless.

After the show, just as everyone was let out, it started pouring rain which impeded both flyering and getting to Teranga for the after party. People slowly trickled as time passed and, by the end of the night, about 80 people had come to check out the show. Huge thanks goes out to everyone that made that effort.

Despite doors being opened around 10:45, Crossroad didn’t play until about 12:30. The room filled up though and the floor was punched. Props go out Crossroad for doing their own thing in a scene (not so much in Toronto, but at large) seems to be consistently regurgitating itself lately. I’d also like to note, that before a crowd had arrived I caught Ben, Crossroad’s guitarist, sitting at the bar reading a two-inch thick Jazz theory book. If you haven’t checked them out, head over to their blog. They’ll be dropping a record sometime this fall hopefully.

When Crossroad finished up, Trapped Under Ice set up to play. Unfortunately, due to some poor logistics, they had to only play with one guitarist and Klipa got high outside instead, I’m pretty sure. It thinned out their sound a bit, but the set was still mayhem. They had one of their roadie’s do the Stigma and go “wireless” for the set. He also laid down some helpful back vocals at times. This second set proved to be much better than the Reverb set, and maybe that’s just me prefering a small venue. They also played Street Lights this time around and people were moshing. They also did the Juggernaut intro for Hoibak’s supposed birthday. All around it was a great set. Shout outs to Ben Goldstein for adding the much need reverb on the vocals at key times.

The show wrapped up, bands loaded out and people finished up their beers. I’m pretty sure everyone, including the venue’s owner, couldn’t have been happier with how the night went. Thanks again to all the bands and the people that came out to support. Photos by Pickles.


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