Lightning Bolt of the Week

Did you really think that anyone else would get it? More than 60% of Canadians do not want another Conservative government and there are plenty of reasons why.

My short-list of reasons why Stephen Harper is getting the Bolt today is as follows:

1) He has yet to present a party platform during this election.
2) He’s a bigot, or at least said some pretty “bigot-like” shit in the past.
3) He may or may not believe in the Rapture. Fuck. Either way, his party is tied to Charles McVety.
4) He’s done nothing on Climate Change, except lie.

Really, all the other parties should get it for being so self-concerned and only really stealing votes from each other. Bring Chretien back. Fuck the sweater vest.

If you’re not protesting & spoiling your ballot or voting on October 14, then what are you doing? Here’s a little incentive: your employer is obligated to give you the time to vote, by law. Do it.


1 Response to “Lightning Bolt of the Week”

  1. 1 Jack Layton November 7, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    Most vague complaints ever. Even Jack Layton knows this is a ridiculous post.

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