Back on the Map

So I was away this weekend and missed some serious shit. For the most part, all reviews have been very positive. On Friday, Fucked Up played MTV and their set got cut short, Trap Them played at Siesta Nouveaux with Furnace and there was a show at Dees with School Jerks, Career Suicide, Fucked Up, DILLINGER FOUR and FRANKIE STUBBS from LEATHERFACE. Then Friday, The Ergs! played the Legion Hall and the photos I’ve seen made that show look incredible. I’ll post some soon. But that was last week.

Into the future:

  • EATING GLASS record release shows this weekend. DOUBLE CHEESEBURGER are replacing VATICAN CHAINSAW MASSACRE on the Saturday show. I have real high hopes for these shows. Come out and tear walls down.
  • TRAP THEM are returning on November 6th with Surroundings.
  • SEDATIVES/SCHOOL JERKS/WITHDRAWAL on November 8th is gonna happen. Flyer coming soon.
  • SOUL CONTROL will be here November 9th. Flyer coming soon.
  • Hoibak’s birthday show is gonna be wild.
  • Speaking of Hoibak, watch out for his VOGEL interview this week.
  • Oh, and when we opened the cash box last monday, Vik’s key wasn’t inside.
  • There won’t be a Fucked Up Weekend DVD this year.
  • Download the Free Spirit demo.

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