Eating Glass Record Release Shows

Last weekend, EATING GLASS celebrated the release of their long-time coming “Feed Them to the Vultures” 7″ on High Anxiety. Both shows went off without a problem and many thanks go out to anyone who came out the shows, bought a record, moshed or sang along. For a young local band, I don’t think things could have gone better. If you missed out, you can score a copy up at HITS AND MISSES or order it from NO IDEA.

As with most weekday Siesta shows, I went down to the venue right after work and people slowly arrived. Before things kicked off I walked up to the Esso and snagged a disposable camera to snap some photos with. Some of those photos, like the one above, are used within the post. Other photos were provided by Aviva and Party Pat. Much appreciated.

As the venue filled up, MOLESTED YOUTH took the stage. A pretty on par set from these guys for the most part, but they’re showing some improvement. These guys are cool in my books because they just want to play and aren’t concerned about anything other than seeing the bands after they finish. I know I say it a lot, but it’ll be cool to see what they do next. They’re gonna be playing the Fucked Up Weekend at 12pm on Saturday. Get up early, shake off your Halloween hangover (or if you’re edge, then your candy hangover) and show them some appreciation.

BLACK BIRDS followed MOLESTED YOUTH. Lots of people have been talking about this set after the fact. No one was certain that it was the cause but it did appear that BLACK BIRDS’ amps were using so much power that the lights in the venue dimmed to nothing. There were four full stacks of amps and it was loud as all hell. People whipped out their cell phones to light the band which was pretty neat. Word on the street is that there’s gonna be a BLACK BIRDS/EATING GLASS split sometime in the near future. Look out for that.

Between BLACK BIRDS and RAH, we pulled a crew together and walked down the street to pick up a party pizza at BELISSIMOS. This place is the hidden gem of the Esplanade food circuit. We snagged a party pizza (for parties only, $16 and easily a feeds a crew) and munched out while RAH was getting going. As a result of having to eat, I didn’t catch too much of RAH’s set, but they’re playing the SOUL CONTROL show on November 9th. Make sure you’re there and if you haven’t picked up their “Intelligent Design” 7″ you can do it then. If I rememer correctly, they closed with “Piece of Mind”. That song is a mosher.

CROSSROAD followed RAH. These guys are relatively new as this band, so their set has stayed relatively the same but they have become noticeably tighter with these tunes. Very “Power Groove” and I’ve heard a few Rollins Band comparisons. The set was subdued for the most part, that was, until Steve bowled half of the crowd over during their last song. I got word Saturday morning that this set was their second to last. Hopefully their recordings will see the light of day in some form on November 6th when they play with TRAP THEM.

LET DOWN was up after CROSSROAD. What I like about this band is their no bullshit approach. They don’t fuck around. Bob, their vocalist, is 100% pissed the entire set. There were no frills at all, they were just there to play and play hard. It’s an approach, I think, everyone can appreciate. The crowd also started to move a bit more and sing along. Thanks go out to LET DOWN for keeping Toronto’s National Edge Day straight.

EATING GLASS were set to close out the night. Before they had even started they had sold out of all the 7″s they brought, some of which had a limited release cover. Once they started up, the venue erupted and, as it usually happens when shows go late, the crowd didn’t thin out at all. They covered all the stuff on the 7″ and even threw in a new song which has a short but very cool intro. It’s my opinion that “…to the Vultures” is probably the best song on that record and I enjoy what they do with the track live.

The moment of the set that a lot of people have been talking about was when they conned Chris Colohan into singing “Who D’you Know?” I’m sure there are a number of people around the world that wish they had have been there. When the band finished their set they were talked into doing one last song and chose to cover Integrity’s, “Hollow.” All in all, I don’t think the band could’ve expected a better reaction or had a better release show. Someone even said to me that the last time the last time they remember a band impressing them that much was pre-Bridge 9 NO WARNING.

I got to the Burlington show minutes after THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE played which sucked, but it was cool to see EATING GLASS again and snag the limited “Watermelon Spencer” record cover. Personally, I enjoyed the Friday set more though. Pomona House always has more of a party vibe, which is cool, but kids can never go crazy in there. I feel a great crowd reaction always improves a show. I also heard that Polish Phil did eat three double cheeseburgers while his band played.

So like I said at the beginning of this post, go out and get a copy of the new EATING GLASS record. They are definitely one of the best young bands in Southern Ontario right now. Thanks again to everyone who came out and helped make this weekend a success.

And if you have any photos of these shows let us know and we will post them up.


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  1. 1 aviva c. October 22, 2008 at 9:20 am

    i was wondering who those film quality photos were from, they look so great. this was foreshore one of the crazier shows i’v been to, it was amazing to watch everyone’s reactions. & i miss chris colohan playing shows.

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