Through the Noise.

Over the weekend, the Through the Noise tour wrapped itself up with a few dates within Southern Ontario. On Friday, I caught the show at the Opera House. I got there to hear, but not really see SHAI HULUD and I didn’t really pay attention.

BANE’s set was enjoyable, but they only played about 8 songs, and there weren’t as many stage dives as I had hoped. The winner of our competition was Brandon Macfarlane, who wasn’t just diving often but performed several front flips as well. Honorable mentions go out to Ed and Kayla. What was disappointing was the number of dives during “Can We Start Again”. Everyone must have been sleeping. That said, there were some wild dives from the back later on during COMEBACK KID. BANE also had some wicked bumper stickers that said “I would rather be stagediving.”

COMEBACK KID’s set was also pretty great. They played a solid mix of songs, old and new and it became evident that most of the crowd was there to see them. Scott also got on stage to sing ALL IN A YEAR and PARTNERS IN CRIME and Andrew got back on guitar which was pretty cool to see. Thanks go out to Andrew for repping a SITC crew shirt on stage.

We tried our best to flyer during both the CBK and BANE sets, figuring that the kids up front would be the kids interested in their local hardcore community, but who knows.

On Monday I saw the show in Hamilton. The venue was much smaller, and again it seemed that most kids were there for CBK. BANE’s set was significantly more fun at this show for the following reasons:

  • 1 ft. high stage in a low ceiling venue.
  • Hoibak’s minute long crowd surf around the venue.
  • Hoibak “koala-bearing” onto people for the purpose of singing along.
  • In Pieces.
  • Superhero.
  • Ante Up.
  • Road-tripping there and back.

Also, I did an interview with Aaron Bedard, vocalist of BANE after the show. I’m gonna work hard to get it up soon. (On that note, the Vogel and COPTIC TIMES interviews will be up very soon as well.)

The one complaint I would make about these shows was the lack of pit ettiquette. I know everyone is super-hard and just can’t handle not spin-kicking against the back of the pit or fighting kids who pushmosh you while doing so, but let’s at least take care of each other. Otherwise, these shows were a lot of fun.

Thanks again to Party Pat for the photos (from Toronto only). If you have links to photos from Hamilton or more from Toronto, post them in the comments.


2 Responses to “Through the Noise.”

  1. 2 unlimitednights November 6, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    What about the stage dive competition?!

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