News for Monday, November 3rd.

  • This Thursday, TRAP THEM come through town. Get there early and check out all of the other bands. More notably, this show will serve as CROSSROAD‘s last. The word is that they will have a limited number of demo cassettes available.
  • Sunday’s show will be taking place at Siesta Nouveaux. It is a matinee, so don’t show up at 7pm expecting a show.
  • If you missed the FUCKED UP WEEKEND you should be bummed. Best set of the weekend goes out to URBAN BLIGHT. Might be the best set I’ve ever seen them play despite Beav’s claims that they sucked.
  • I shot 3 rolls of film and will post some of the best photos soon. Watch out for a photo zine, maybe.
  • IRON AGE is a straight up thrash metal band now and its pretty awesome. Can’t wait to see that band again.
  • Chris Colohan of High Anxiety Records posted some great photos of the weekend on his blog. Check them out.
  • We may or may not have started some preliminary work on a fest for this winter.
  • Go over to BORED STIFF’s Myspace page and check out the recordings from their recent performance on EQUALIZINGxDISTORT. I hear they’re gonna put out a cassette of these sessions soon.
  • Keep your eyes open because we’re gonna helping out DJ MARK PESCI put on “It’s a HaM Christmas”.
  • Get stoked for HOIBAK’S BIRTHDAY PARTY, featuring FORFEIT, NO HARM DONE, the return of VICIOUS CYCLE and FORTUNE TELLER’s first show. FORTUNE TELLER is a new band created out of the ashes of RISKY BUSINESS and THE KILL DECIBEL. It promises to be heavy.

1 Response to “News for Monday, November 3rd.”

  1. 1 kruczynski November 3, 2008 at 1:45 pm

    i have photos from saturday’s 1pm show. i’ll send them along.

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