A Few Things, Nov. 9th.

Just got back from the SOUL CONTROL show. Thanks to everyone who came out. BORED STIFF is Toronto’s best new band. I’ll post photos after they’re developed.

Our next, and maybe last show of the year is coming up on November 21st. Info is as follows:


If you were there for the last FORFEIT show, you know you shouldn’t miss this. Also, FORTUNE TELLER is a new band made up of members from RISKY BUSINESS & THE KILL DECIBEL. They just recorded a demo and put a song up here.  Don’t miss out.

LASTLY, and most importantly, EQUALIZINGxDISTORT NEEDS YOUR MONEY. Tonight, at 10pm, they will be doing a live fundraising drive. They’ve been redlined by CIUT and are in serious need of sponsors. Help them out if you have any money to spare.

You can listen at 89.5FM or at CIUT.FM. If you donate, Stephe, the show’s host, will also mail you the ExD zine whenever it comes out. The zine is worth the coin alone. They are instrumental in bringing awareness to local talent, as well shedding light on shit you probably wouldn’t hear otherwise.

Get on it.


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