Taking a Nap

Here’s what’s up:

  • FORFEIT/NO HARM DONE/VICIOUS CYCLE/FORTUNE TELLER (the demo that everyone is talking about) is now a week away. Tell your friends.
  • We’re bringing GLUE back to Toronto on December 15th. Full details to follow.
  • DEAF MUTATIONS, a new-ish Toronto band featuring members of CAREER SUICIDE, posted their demo online here for the people that weren’t smart enough to grab a tape. I shouldn’t need to mention that it’s good.
  • AGNOSTIC FRONT/THE CARRIER/TO THE LIONS/EATING GLASS is happening Sunday night at the Kathedral. It’s not our show, but we’re all gonna be there.
  • URBAN BLIGHT/HAZARDOUS WASTE/CRITICAL CONVICTIONS/CLASS WAR/BORED STIFF are jamming at Siesta Nouveaux next Saturday. I implore that you arrive early to see BORED STIFF. They’re cool.
  • Mark December 20th on your calendar.
  • Interviews up soon from AARON BEDARD, MATT JACKSON of COPTIC TIMES and whatever local bands we manage to interview in the next few weeks.
  • EQUALIZINGxDISTORT made their donation quota on Sunday, but only by a hair. If you hadn’t listened before, take sometime out of your Sunday night and tune in.
  • I’m gonna post a comprehensive, end-of-year, top 10 list sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll try and get the others to do the same.
  • No lightning bolt again this week, but if I wasn’t being lazy, this cab driver would get it.

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