November 19th


In case it hasn’t become evident, things have slowed down a bit.

Saw AGNOSTIC FRONT, THE CARRIER, TO THE LIONS & EATING GLASS on Sunday night. It was an alright show for the most part. The picture above was taken at the AF show at the Silver Dollar in 1988. Stigma’s guitar looks like it was plugged in back then. I snagged it off the Toronto Hardcore 19AD4 facebook group. The photos are worth taking a look through.

This time around AF opened with THE ELMINATOR into NEW JACK, which was pretty satisfying. EATING GLASS made some mentions of recording another 7″ sometime in the near future. Their new song “Time; The Great Destroyer” is really good. TO THE LIONS should play more and start playing their new songs. Sparky was lucky he made it out of that show alive.

On a somewhat related note, as a result of snagging the first SUDDEN IMPACT lp on Saturday at Rotate and seeing Steve Goof hanging with Stigma and Roger on Sunday, I’ve been gotten in the spirit of boning up on my Southern Ontario hardcore history. I took the show as an opportunity to mine the minds of some of my older compatriots in regards to some of the things I was far too young to witness. Hopefully some of that knowledge will eventually translate into posts for the site. Stay tuned. As I’ve expressed before, we want to get content moving towards more local coverage.

Moving forward, outside of focussing most of our content locally, I’m going to try and post our COPTIC TIMES interview, brought to you by BDS, tomorrow. That will subsequently be followed by our AARON BEDARD interview.

Tell your friends about Friday (and Saturday) night(s). And check out the Snake Punch party, featuring artwork by infamous Southern Ontario hardcore photographer and our friend Gordie Ball:


Oh and we’re building the stage at the Adrift Clubhouse tonight. Use it.


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