Saturday’s Show/Next Saturday’s Show (as well as other information)

In case you missed it, Saturday’s show was pretty great. I’m not gonna go into a full on review, but here are the coles notes:

SECOND GUESS: Young band from the Kitchener-Waterloo area. They are the Kitchener-Wateryouth. Save for one techy kind of part in their first song, it was pretty straight forward, melodepic hardcore. They’ve only played a few shows from what I gather, so it’ll be cool to see where the young guys take it.

HAZ WAS: Seriously, these guys can write jams. I can’t wait to hear their next record. Hopefully it comes out sooner or later cause they seem to have a ton of songs. They opened with a RAH cover which was pretty funny. Reaction wasn’t as crazy as last time but I chalk that up to the absence of younger kids in the snow storm.

EATING GLASS: Jose forgot to check the mic before starting their intro and they burned themselves. Pretty funny. Spencer missed/messed up some drum parts. Their new songs are rad though. Again, another band who should put out more stuff asap.

GLUE: Really impressed this time around despite my disappointment last time. They tightened up a lot and just sounded better on the whole. Joe really makes a minimal kit work. It’s pretty impressive. It’ll be good to hear more from these guys.

URBAN BLIGHT: This band never disappoints. It’s also showing that they have tightened up more and more over the past few months, having played a fair number of shows. There were a couple songs where it seemed like the whole room was into it. I really want to see a skinhead Jason Oyoung when the record comes out.

As for everything else, there’s this:


Go and check out all of the bands.

I’ve also gone way overboard with year end lists. I’m gonna go through the few releases I’ve missed, iron it out, and post over the last week of the year. Year end lists are great. I always enjoy pouring over other peoples’ lists and seeing where some consensus lies. Did you hear that Fucked Up’s latest LP was number 4 in Spin Magazine? What the fuck?


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  1. 1 stillepostlurker December 28, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Whats the deal with New Years at Annie’s?

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