A Few Things About Tonight

In case you some how missed the giant flyer that’s been front and centre on this site for the past few days, here’s the deal with what’s going on tonight.

CAREER SUICIDE, one of Toronto’s best bands, are playing the HITS AND MISSES (post)CHRISTMAS PARTY. The show was postponed just so CS could play. Don’t miss out on that.

Also playing are some of Toronto’s best bands, including URBAN BLIGHT, HAZARDOUS WASTE, MOLESTED YOUTH (with their new singer) & one of Toronto’s newest bands, BAD CHOICE.

Pete, the CEO of Hits and Misses Inc., will be selling records all night long. Bring your Christmas cash and burn it on some high quality platters.

The Adrift Clubhouse is NOT at 111 Bathurst. It’s down the alley that runs along the south side of that building. The show is all ages.

It’s gonna be packed. Get excited for a huge, locals only show. Doors open at 8 and BAD CHOICE will play around 9.

Get there early to cop one of these bad boys.


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