2008 In Review

Here’s a compiled look at our best moments and memories of 2008…


Greg Benedetto

Stuck In The City / stuckinthecity.ca

– The Fucked Up Weekend in its entirety, but specifically Iron Age’s set.
– Pete, Hits & Misses, the xGregxBx bag and being able to find all the records I want there.
– Golden Seal into Twice Born.
– Toronto Hardcore being incredibly active with Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Mad Men, Eating Glass, Rah, Haz Was, Reprobates, The Endless Blockade, Cursed, Molested Youth, Bored Stiff etc. etc. releasing some amazing music. Also maintaining several venues including Siesta Nouveaux in the summer and now the Adrift Clubhouse. Most importantly, as it relates to this, seeing young kids I’ve never seen before coming out to shows.
– Editing and finally releasing the Fucked Up Weekend DVD. Seeing this project through was incredibly satisfying.
– Weekending in NYC, visiting the Radio Silence gallery show and copping the book as well as a sweet COS shirt.
– Seeing AC/DC at the Skydome.
– Summer nights in the velodrome.
– Hearing Crow – The Beating of the Wings of…
– Trying to get that Cannoli whenever I can.

Erik Hoibak

Stuck In The City / stuckinthecity.ca

– Wahsquonaikezhik
– Mets beating the Yankees @ Yankee Stadium/NA/Coney Island/Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian/Red Bamboo in New York
– Bitter End/Trapped Under Ice/Terror records
– Ward Churchill in Wikwemikong
– Dean’s Honour List/Academic Scholarship
– Last TFS show/roadtrip
– Mighty O’s Vegan Donuts in Seattle
– Terror/Death Before Dishonor/Trapped Under Ice in Toronto/Montreal
– Strife in Montreal
– Slumdog Millionaire/Punisher Warzone/Stepbrothers

Vik ‘Geoff/Gopher/Sketch Tooth’ Midha

Stuck In The City / stuckinthecity.ca / thinkingxstraight.blogspot.com

– Stay Cold/FML
– The Wire 02-08
– 10/25 – Never Forget
– The new Adrift Clubhouse.
– Edgebreak, Facebreak.
– Geoff.
– The Carrier, Misery Signals, Jenny Lewis, R$L D$L, Forfeit.
– Senators/Blackhawks/Blue Jays
– 42″ + Xbox Live
– Ali Christie

Scott Wade

Stuck In The City / stuckinthecity.ca / vivawade.com

– Friends – old & new.
– Montreal.
– Siesta Nouveaux & The Adrift Clubhouse.
– Smithfits / Bitter End Intro / Coffee / Party Pizza / Seinfeld.
– BlackBerry Messenger
– TV: Fringe, The Wire, Peep Show, Gossip Girl, Dexter, Californication & It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
– Movies: Let The Right One In, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The Dark Knight, Sex and the City, Pineapple Express & Blindness.
– Records: Misery Signals – “Controller”, Oasis – “Dig Out Your Soul”, Blacklisted – “Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God”, The Gutter Twins – “Saturnalia” & H20 – “Nothing To Prove.”
– Shows: Modern Life Is War final show in Marshalltown, Eating Glass record release, Trapped Under Ice at Siesta, Strife weekend, Oasis in Seattle/London/Toronto.
– CML / BSC / 352&1/2.

Mark Pesci

Concert Promoter / Facebook Group

– Punk & Hardcore in Toronto.
– Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface) surprise performance of “Not Superstitious” at Sneaky Dee’s, Oct 9/08.
– Adrift Clubhouse opening (and the No Age show that night).
– Summer pool-hopping at Christie Pitts.
– $100, the band.
– Jay Reatard punches a guy on-stage at the Silver Dollar.
– Alain Resnais’ “Last Year at Marienbad” screens at Cinemateque on my birthday.
– Vice party for Magnolia Films during the Film Festival.
– Ryan McGinley photo exhibit at Team Gallery, NYC.
– Hardcore security guard in my building.

Chris Colohan

Cursed / High Anxiety / Mature Situations / missingpers0ns.blogspot.com

– Motorcycles replacing humans for daily interaction
– Finally seeing Neurosis (Brooklyn Masonic Temple)
– Dismember:”Dismember” LP
– Swedish Cursed shows with Disfear & Rotten Sound
– Seeing Omaha Beach (Normandy, France)
– Film: Let The Right One In / RocknRolla
– Young Widows “Old Wounds” LP and their live set (Dees)
– Food: Graceful Vegetarian (Pacific Mall, Toronto)
– Iron Age’s set at FU weekend (Dees)
– Starting drumming again, enjoying music again.

Jordan Posner

No Warning fame / Terror / terrorhc.com

– My sister’s wedding.
– Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold.”
– Korean BBQ
– My couch.
– “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”
– My dogs.
– Seinfeld and Curb dvds.
– Stone Temple Pilots @ edgefest.
– Shwarma from Pita Land.
– The guitar.

Daniel Pelissier

Size ‘Em Up / sizeemup.com / societysuckers.com

– Friends and hangouts.
– Society Suckers zine.
– Mad Men, Vile Intent and Omegas demos.
– Career Suicide, Criminal Damage, A.N.S, Inepsy, Warcry and a bunch of other shows in Montreal.
– The Blackdot (r.i.p).
– Sexvid, Mind Eraser, Bitter End, Annihilation Time, Warcry, Trapped Under Ice and Brant Bjork records.
– Weed.
– Leica d-lux III
– Different roadtrips to Toronto, NYC, Rhode Island.
– CML.

Christian Pacifico

A Buffet of Plagues & Pains Hate Zine / www.decrepitstate.blogspot.com

– Doomriders side of the Disfear split. COA side of the Pressure split. Surroundings and Pellinore’s “World Darkness.”
– Lewd Acts making everyone in the Siesta nervous.
– Double Negative – Raw Energy, Obliteration’s s/t EP, The Reprobates – Stress, Iron Age – the way is narrow, Pulling teeth – Witches Sabbath III.
– Life Long Tragedy – Runaways LLT/Ceremony/sabertooth zombie at the siesta- getting high with the dudes who wrote the best record of the year.
– The Black Angels – directions to see a ghost LP.
– Demolitions: School Jerks, Deaf Mutations, High Life, Omegas, No Tolerance, Men’s Interest, U.T.I, Streetwalkers, Modern Problems, Debaser.
– The Fucked Up weekend-suffocating in a gas mask singing along with Damian. Mind Eraser battling the sun light with their apocalyptic hymns. Biting a chunk out of my tongue out to sex/vid. Iron Age Killing It. (Communal Living. ChemCom. Conscious Unconscious. )
– Flicks: Righteous Kill, i’m not there, Control, forgetting sarah marshall, Dark Knight, street kings, The Wrestler, Son of Rambow
– Mad Zines: Humanity is the devil, suicidal tenants, radiation sickness, Cows & beer,  the wizard, dead souls, agitate, zero gravity, firestarter, Rock Against Harper, major malfunction, I question me not, i’m not sure, my big black book of ghosts, society suckers, hey ronnie, mindless mutant, born to hate, slash and burn, the grittier side of the golden road I roam, Go it Alone – Closure, there’s nothing like it, Miles to Go, Warning ….Plus all the spider ghost joints
– Radio Silence/A selected visual history of american hardcore music. 23 by Max G. Morton. Lonely days and Wasted nights by give up.

Steve Dubois

Crossroad / bloodandwhiskey.wordpress.com

– The birth and death of Crossroad.
– Stuck in the City bringing hardcore back to Toronto.
– BBQ’s day in day out.
– My goal of not cutting my hair and not wearing pants all summer (completed).
– Jose Lopez st-st-stuttering his way into my life more.
– Trapped Under Ice/ Crossroad after party show.
– My bike being my best friend all summer long.
– Scott wade & Pickles moving into 352 1/2.
– Fucked Up weekend Iron Age night & two random parties best time ever.
– My 27th birthday for one particular reason.

Jose Lopez

Eating Glass / myspace.com/eatingglasshc / amigojose.wordpress.com

– Life lessons.
– Eating Glass record release weekend.
– Cursed – III: Architects of Troubled Sleep.
– The birth and death of Geoff Beshawna and the resurrection of this being in the form of “The Gopher”.
– Drunk mosh during Forfeit at Hoibaks birthday show.
– The countless amount of Adrift parties.
– Trapped Under Ice/Ceremony at Siesta.
– SITC Summer Jam at Siesta.
– Smithfits drunkenness.
– The best venue in the world opening up…the Adrift Clubhouse.


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