Slankin’ Unity Fest ’09

Back on the 10th of January, several Torontonians crammed into several cars to head to Montreal for Slam Skank Unity Fest ’09. It was one retarded trip.

Got up early (for the weekend) and hopped the TTC to J-Vo’s house and played “Beat It” on GH4 while I waited for everyone to mount up. We picked up DJ Mark Pesci and Jonah Falgone, stuffed ourselves in the car and hit the road. For the first 2 hrs I was hangin in the back praying that we didn’t hit an ill-timed bump cause if we had, my neck would’ve become part of Jonah’s art project.

We rolled into Montreal after an excessive number of stops (once where we spotted the Bad Blights etc…) and hit up Hoagie Woagies to rock out to some “Switched on Bach,” take some notes on Slankin’ by watchin’ Royal Rumble ’92 and get high on spray paint fumes. It was a HC (sausage) party for the ages. You know you’re with the cool guys when a man can mosh the living room and no one bats an eye.


The gang ended up hitting up the venue early and I made a ducked out quick to grab the first of two poutines on the night cause when you’re in Rome, you’ve gotta eat poutine.


Went back to the venue, caught Haz Was but was a doof and forgot to snap some photos. Moshed to a botched Wolfpack/Circle Storm cover instead. After the set, the Haz Was crew could be heard debating whether or not the cover was actually botched. The one thing I forgot about Montreal was the presence of crust-punks. I realized their presence as soon as I got a whiff of the pit smell.

For the most part, after the Haz, the show became a blur of Spoiler and MTM related performances. Bad Choice did their thing and people really started to smash around. A+ stage presence from MTM. Pretty sure I saw him swingin at some heads. I’ll be excited to sit down with the lyrics when the demo finally drops. They had some pretty great t-shirts for sale as well, which I’m told are a take off on a prominent Canadian WWI propaganda piece.



After BC the other BC (Bogus Cause) played an unannounced set. They did two songs, both of which were bangers, as Spoiler held down the stage like a man who had digested many classic NYHC vids over the years. Watch out for these guys. There was a quick change over that led to a one song Misled Youth reunion and the frenchmen got to moving again.


Following all of the short set insanity was the Mad Man and his Mad Men. Jonah was clearly on top of being his own stylist for that night, with a home-made “I’m a Fucking Mad Man” t-shirt followed by the now signature mesh ringer. This was the second Mad Men set I have seen, but the first I saw with Jonah in front of the kit. The rest of the band was comprised of Omegas members who made it evident that they started learning the first demo but never quite got to the second. They also added an extra verse to “Square Glasses”. Regardless, the performance was crowd approved, save for the Joan Jett cover they busted out. The set ended with a Mental Abuse cover, the very same song that was living room moshed to earlier in the night.




The Omegs ran through their set almost immediately after. If you haven’t checked this band out, you need to get on it. Tony Frenchman, the Omegs now lone edgeman, played the whole set standing on his amp, save for the final song where he proceeded to strut across the stage soloing like a maniac. Their new songs also impressed. I’m pretty siked to have these guys back to Toronto and to hear their new recordings.



Urban Blight closed out the Toronto Breakout that night with a pretty par for the course UB set. It’s starting to show that they’ve been playing a bit more often as they seem to really be tightening up. The new songs are gonna be killers when the kids get their hands on them. They also threw Breakout into the mix, which was otherwise absent for the last year or so. The set finished with the Beav spewing LaFleurs out on to the stage instead of singing the lyrics to “Urban Blight”. A pretty cool way to end a show.


When all was said and done, our car hit up LaFleurs, snagged some poutine and lettuce covered hot dogs before heading to our crash pad for the night. Woke up in the morning and hit up Schwarz’s, some record stores (no scores), then headed back home. All in all a solid trip. Montreal again this weekend for Final Word!



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