Big Things Are Happening and We’re One Year Deep

Today marks the one year anniversary of this site. A year ago today, I was handing out flyers for the LET DOWN show at Pomona House and the TRASH TALK show that they never crossed the border for (which also happened the same day as the TTC strike).Who knew we’d get to where we are today. Thanks to everyone who’s come out to as many of our shows as possible. After all, a big reason we do this is to foster community and encourage independent creativity in the local scene. I think, especially if Pesci’s CS show at the beginning of January was any indication, we’re heading in the right direction. It’s not all so that touring bands can make enough money to move on to the next city.

I’ve had a few things in mind to celebrate the one year anniversary, but I’ll hold off on announcing those until every detail has been ironed out. Needless to say, if you like both records and local artists, you’ll be stoked.

Anyways, on to the big news. In case you haven’t seen it anywhere else yet, we announced five big shows yesterday.


First up is something a bit different for us. On February 20th, AMEN RA from Belgium are rolling through with ZOROASTER on a short run through the East Coast. Locals ORCA will be kicking off the show. It’ll be a three band show of stoner metal. This’ll happen at the Clubhouse.


About a month after that, on March 18th, FIREWORKS will be holding their Toronto CD release party. Joining them on the show will be tourmates THIS TIME NEXT YEAR as well as local pop-rockers BROTHERS and a new band from members of COME CLEAN/HORSES/WWI called !ATTENTION!. Again, this show will be happening at the Clubhouse.

3 days after the FIREWORKS show, on March 21st, we’re doing a show with COLISEUM. This show should be pretty wild. The only info I can put out there right now is that BLACK BIRDS will also be playing this show. More details will be released in the next few days.

Then on March 23rd, for what will most likely be the biggest show we’ve ever done, HAVE HEART will roll into town (for the first time EVER) with labelmates POLAR BEAR CLUB and one of Toronto’s favourites, TRAPPED UNDER ICE. To kick this show off, we’ve got two of Toronto’s best new bands in FORTUNE TELLER and BAD CHOICE. This will be a show for the ages. In anticipation of the show being absolutely batshit nuts, we’re finally cracking and doing some ticketing. As of Februrary 7th, you will be able to pick up tickets ONLY AT HITS AND MISSES. For those of you who don’t know, HITS AND MISSES is located at 860 Bloor St. West. We will not sell the show out in advance and will have tickets for sale at the door, but if you want to guarantee yourself entry, I suggest getting down to the HaM, picking up some tickets and doing some record shopping.

And, last but not least, about a month after HAVE HEART’s first performance in Toronto, we have 108‘s first performance in Toronto. They’re doing a small number of dates with SOUL CONTROL and I RISE. We’re holding out on a flyer until we lock in the opener but this show will be happening at the clubhouse as well, on April 29th.

Stay tuned to the blog for all the new info on these shows, as well as big announcements for MARCH 28th and APRIL 2nd. This is just the beginning for 2009. Wait until you see what’s next.


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